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Cal Basketball: What tournament seed do you see the Bears getting?

It's clearly an exercise in way too forward forecasting, but having gone 0-3 in our 3 big game series here, what seed, if any, do you see Cal getting?

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Kodiak: We're probably headed towards to play in game slot at this point. But, there's potential. I have no idea where we might go if the light turns on for our bigs.

Avinash: Regardless of what happens non-conference, we are firmly in the place we don't want to be: 8-12 range, and possibly a last four in scenario if we play up to par in an improving but still weak Pac-12. Unless there's some major improvement these next two months (like a hot streak where we start wrecking everyone), I'd be surprised if we do any better than one and done.

TwistNHook: I don't see Pac-12 play being able to help us that much. If we can beat Arizona, then, sure. But we haven't been able to rely on the Pac-12 for quality victories in several years. We had our chance and, sadly, we didn't take advantage of it. We had 1 bad loss, 1 medium loss, and 1 good loss. Coulda used a win.

Vincent S.: Interpreting this question a bit boradly, I fully expect us to run through the rest of our non-conference schedule. This very minute, I don't think we're making the tournament. Given a strong Pac-12 performance and things might change: we have chances for quality wins against several Pac-12 opponents.

LEastCoastBears: With Arizona's big upset among other Pac-12 success, the Bears should have more opportunities to beat ranked team. Winning the conference would also mean more. At this point of the season, I think that's one can ask.

Unclesam22: I agree with Kod and Avi on this one. We're definitely either a last 4 play-in or an 11/12. To make any kind of a move beyond that we need to win the conference games we're supposed to, and pull of an upset. However, given the recent play of Crabbe and the Bigs, I just don't see that happening.