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BCS Selection Show Open Thread

Sadly, this is an open thread for something that has nothing to do with us.

Andy Lyons

What: BCS Selection Show

When: 5:30 pm PT


Tonight, the Bowl Championship Series selection show will air on the Worldwide Leader. We will find out who will play whom in the Rose, Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar Bowls and, of course, in the BCS National Championship Game. Most of these teams we know already. And at least one of them doesn't make us happy as a Cal fanbase, amirite?

I will be honest. I couldn't care less about this show. I won't be watching. I'll find something else to do, like scour the interwebs for reports on how Darrell Hazell's interview for the Cal head coaching job went today, or any other Cal head coaching search news I can find. But if you're watching the BCS selection show, knock yourself out. Comment here. Will the Pac-12 get two berths? Will the MAC get a berth? Will there be breaking head coaching news during the show? Will Lee Corso say something intelligent? Will Lou Holtz pick Notre Dame to win?

Talk about it all here. Enjoy the show, if you're so inclined.