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Cal Football Recruiting Wire: Sonny Dykes & Company Hit The Trail

How are Sonny Dykes and the new Cal coaching staff handling recruiting early on?

Cal Bears Online

Now that Cal has hired Sonny Dykes, there are two big steps that'll be taken over the next few weeks. One of them is hiring coaches. The other is assembling a recruiting class that still has a lot of holes to fill.

CIF championships

Can Jared Goff do something unprecedented and leave Marin Catholic as a champion?

Even as talented as Goff is, he knows that his success, as well as the team's, is tied to the guys he is throwing to.

"I know I can rely on each one of 'em when they're in there," Goff said. "Half the time I don't even know who's in there when the play is called, I have to check and see who's there. They all run their routes basically the same, they all put in the effort, same great hands. They're all pretty even."

With a win Saturday they will be even. They'll be state champions.

Victor Egu is also participating for De La Salle. Here's this:

DIVISION III: Madison, San Diego vs. Marin Catholic, Kentfield

Saturday, December 15, at 12:00 p.m.

OPEN DIVISION: Centennial, Corona vs. De La Salle, Concord

Saturday, December 15, at 8:00 p.m.

TWC SportsNet in SoCal, CSN California in NorCal for both games

Cal gets an offensive line commit

One spot has been filled, although not with a scholarship. Carson O'Connell, a Pleasant Valley local from Chico, has verballed to Cal as a preferred walk-on. A preferred walk-on generally gets first dibs, and the new coaching regime has made it clear that walk-ons that execute the system well will get their chance to play.

O'Connell is a center, and Cal will need plenty of them in the new offense considering how crucial the center is in this offense.

Here is Scout's brief profile of him

O'Connell looks like a natural center, and has good strength and keeps his feet chopping. He is more of a waist-bender than a knee bender and needs a little more flexibility, but he still plays relatively low and is very technically sound, doing a good job with his hands. -Huffman

O'Connell made this commitment before the decision was made not to retain Coach Jim Michalczik, although the decision was made after Cal hired Dykes. We shall see if this changes the situation, although I'd guess not if he decided to come here as a walk-on.

UCLA decommit eyeing the Dykes offense?

Salesian cornerback Jermaine Kelly verballed to the Bruins in the summer, but recently opened things up after enjoying a visit he took to Boise State ($). Dykes immediately took interest.

You wonder if Dykes is looking to bring Kelly on as a wide receiver. Before he committed as a defensive back to UCLA and gained kudos for his defensive skills, Kelly seemed keen on playing in a spread offense.

Though he's open-minded about proximity, there is one thing in particular he's looking for in a collegiate program.

"I'm looking for a school that runs the spread offense because it fits my position, catching and throwing the ball. Boise State, Oregon, and Houston are all schools I like because they run that offense," he said.

Well, lo and behold.

He's not the only UCLA decommit taking a look up north. Mission Viejo offensive tackle Erik Bunte is also interested in meeting Coach Dykes and was pretty excited about the hire. Bunte recently decommitted and Cal is on the shortlist with UCLA and Arizona State. Bunte will be taking a trip up to Cal this weekend and see if he likes what he sees.

Other Bears also visiting? Two JuCo defensive ends, both local (one committed to Illinois).

In terms of offensive line targets, Chris Borrayo is another possibility who seems to be interested in Cal (via Rivals ($)). Borrayo has offers from several Pac-12 schools.

Finally, Dykes decided to head down to Texas and try and see if he could find a receiver tailor-made to produce in his offense. Seems like he still needs convincing or this didn't work out.

How are current commits faring?

This is your annual reminder: Please do not use social media to contact recruits. Not only is it an NCAA violation, it's also damned creepy. Just don't.

There are Tweets here from recruits to report on their various recruiting statuses, but don't start contacting them just like that. Just use these Tweets to assuage or heighten your various anxieties about recruiting.

If you don't care about any of this, you are not alone. Carry on!

Darius Allensworth

Allensworth is recovering from a torn ACL, and recently took a trip up to Cal. He seems plenty okay with the new coaching staff despite losing his current position coach.

Jared Goff

Goff is slated to be an early entree at Cal just like Zach Kline, and he'll be here for spring semester.

Ray Hudson

Hudson is all ready to go.

Chad Whitener

Whitener seems pretty solid for the Bears, but he definitely wants someone to lead him soon.