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Cal Football To Get New Uniforms In 2013

Cal is getting new uniforms next to year, according to Athletic Director Sandy Barbour.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Sandy Barbour pretty much confirmed it on Twitter.

Cal has had the same uniforms in place since 2008. They have trotted out variations on a theme for the last five years (all-blues for the Big Game, gold jerseys for night games, white helmets to kill us all), but we've gotten to the point where it's time for something new. Cal hasn't exactly had the greatest success in these unis, and although I think they're decent enough, it's probably time to try something a little bit new.

I'm not sure if we can go any sleeker. Will we kick it old school? Will we overhaul our design completely and make things look significantly different than they were before? Will the helmets change significantly? Will we deviate from the usual Cal script? Are we going to wear actual bear suits?

What are your thoughts. Will you miss these uniforms? What would you like to see from the new ones?