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Last Chance To Own A Piece Of Memorial!

New Memorial is great, but let's not forget the glory that was Old Memorial! Now you can own your own piece!

Well, The Wooden Duck is having a final sale of its Memorial Stadium stash. We talked with those guys over at the Wooden Duck earlier this year about their purchase of the wood from Memorial Stadium.

Here is more information on what they got:

1. Help us understand the quantity here: how many of these bleachers did you buy?


We got most of the stadium. 64 bundles that have about 98 boards each 20ft long or 7000 lbs per bundle.. About 120,000 linear feet of wood or about 24 double flat bed trucks.

2. What do you plan to do with these benches?


Most of the wood will be made into indoor and outdoor tables and benches for customers. Some of the wood will be made into restaurant tables and bars and large outdoor planter boxes for commercial spaces. All of the end cuts with numbers we've been selling as sovenuirs for $20 each. Some people are buying the non-numbered wood to make outdoor decks. At the end of the project, we'll cut blanks for people to make pens etc. Nothing will go to waste.

Well, we are at the end of the project now. Now is your last chance with this Saturday's Duck Day sale:

Duck Deal
this Sat Dec 15th Only
This weeks deal isn't for everyone but you probably know someone who went to Cal so we've decided to do something special for the holidays (pick ups only, no shipping)
Remaining Chunks of the Cal Stadium
For 8 hours you can grab a piece of history

Fully refundable (if you hate it)

One day only

Never to be repeated at this price

Check it out:



--These are original chunks of the 1923 Cal Memorial Stadium at Berkeley that have been sanded lightly in our shop to round the corners and remove the dirt grime of 90 years outdoors! We have cut but unsanded chunks on sale for $15 (normally $20). We can also finish them for an additional fee.
--The chunks are left over from making tables, benches and beds in our Berkeley shop (see articles below).
--Each chunk has it's own original seat number.
--Most the boards were numbered on both sides: Once by the company that installed them in 1923, and once by the students who routed them out by hand when they were flipped over to extend their life sometime in the 40's.
--The boards come in three species: Port Orford Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir (see articles below).
--Cal chunks make a great holiday gift. Do you know a Cal fan?
--We do not have the rights to the Cal logo so they are sold as is.
--Sorry but we do not ship.... please have a friend pick up.

Not sure if the hand sanitizer is thrown in! So, there you go. Get out there this Saturday for your last chance to own a 90 year old piece of wood! Cal Memorial wood. For cheap! GO BEARS!