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Golden Nuggets: Getting to Know Louisiana Tech's Running Backs Coach Pierre Ingram

Ron Gould and the rest of the interim assistant coaches have been released. Let's take a look at Gould's likely replacement.

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Since Ron Gould will not be retained, our running backs will likely be under the guidance of Pierre Ingram. Louisiana Tech's Scout site posted a great article on him before the first season of the Dykes administration. First he talks a bit about his playing days.

Pierre Ingram was brought up in a military family. His dad was stationed at Ft. Hood in Texas when Pierre was going into the ninth grade and he thought he would be playing high school football in Texas. "My father relocated to Atlanta, Georgia," admitted Ingram. "That was heart breaking because if you’re from Texas, you feel like you’re part of that tradition. We moved to a suburb of Atlanta in Stockbridge. I played four years there."

"I actually came in as a 6’3" 185 pound running back," explained Ingram. "After two practices, the coaches made a quick decision for me to switch positions because they felt like I had the ability to play college ball at receiver. I earned a scholarship to Middle Tennessee and played for Andy McCollum, who is now the defensive line coach at Georgia Tech."

Ingram was named a starter for two seasons, but had both seasons end very early due to injury. "It wasn’t the career I looked for because I was injured a lot," he explained. "I learned a lot. I got into the playbooks. They say injured players make good coaches. It’s something I always wanted to do. I just didn’t know the right path. We had a lot of coaches come through Middle Tennessee during that time period that motivated me and helped me get into coaching."

He also spoke at length about his recruiting philosophy.

Along with coaching the running backs, one of Ingram’s main jobs is recruiting in New Orleans. His territory includes the city of New Orleans and across South Louisiana, through Terrebonne and Houma, to Lafayette. His territory stops in Lafayette and picks back up in Beaumont. In Texas, he has from Beaumont, to the city of Houston and everything down to Galveston. Ingram talked about his philosophy when it comes to recruiting. "I feel you have to relate first of all and be trusted, especially in New Orleans. The first thing I want to do is let them know who I am. I want them to understand I went through the same process. We have a new staff here and we aren’t going anywhere. I’m not going to recruit a kid and be gone within a year. I know how that feels. Larry Fedora recruited me to Middle Tennessee and he was gone before I got there. That’s big with kids in New Orleans and in Houston. Their looking for that security and I think their coaches pick up on that as well."

"The philosophy of this team speaks for itself," added Ingram. "It’s family up here. On offense or defense, you can be great at any position. There is no position I can’t recruit. We’re not running the Wing-T. We can use a spread quarterback or a dual threat. If you’re a big running back or a smaller back, we have a place for you. If you’re a smaller receiver, we’re going to put you in the slot and let you make plays. If you’re a long, rangy receiver that likes to make plays outside, then we have a spot for you as well."

Coach Ingram talked about what he looks for in a running back. "I’m looking for vision," he said. "With our offense, everything happens so fast. You have to be able to see what’s going on at any time. Most people see Roosevelt Falls as a fullback. Roosevelt has quick twitch for his size. When I’ve been out recruiting I’ve seen guys the size of Roosevelt Falls and I’ve seen guys the size of Lyle Fitte. Everything depends on how quick they can get moving. We want someone who is shifty and the most important thing is he has to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield. Also, in our offense, he has to be able to pass protect."