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How are you feeling about the Oregon game?

It's a dreadfully difficult task to outscore the Ducks these days. And given Cal's recent performance against Washington, we'd like to know, how do you feel about the Oregon game?

Stephen Dunn

LeonPowe: I hope they don't put up 70.

Berkelium97: We are going to get slaughtered. Our young/injured LBs are going to get destroyed by DeAnthony Thomas and company. They'll probably cruise to 50 points in the first half and go into autopilot after that. I cannot envision any circumstances under which this will be a close, competitive game. We will end the season 2-5 at home, which is not acceptable. The fans deserve better. The donors who help finance the $321 million renovation deserve better.

TwistNHook: I'm writing this while watching the Oregon-USC heavyweight affair. It is a great game between two great teams. The Oregon D appears to be a bit suspect (esp. to the long pass). I do not think we'll be able to really take advantage of their weakness there. Maybe if we had Keenan Allen, we could get a few long bombs or so, but I dunno. Harper could have a big day.

As for their O, it seems better than ever. When Masoli was there, it seemed great. Then, he left and we thought there would be a drop off. Thomas was even better! Now, he is gone and this new guy is even better than Thomas! Same with their running backs, it seems. Maybe it is a system thing, more than an individual talent thing.

All I know is that Oregon's offense seems to get better and better each year. It is like the bizarro Cal. I am as hopeful as anybody, but I do not have a lot of hope for this one. I'll be there. I'll be yelling my head off. I'll root for my Bears. And I suspect it'll be the last home game Coach Tedford has at Memorial. I have nothing but the most respect for him. It will be sad, but it is what it is. When we get obliterated by Oregon, it'll only put it into stark relief just how far behind Cal is from everybody else.

JahvidKnowsBest:Strangely optimistic? Last time Oregon was ranked extremely high and came into Berkeley... well we all know what happened that game. Maybe I'm just losing my mind but I'm actually looking forward to this one.

Vincent S: Either we lose by 40+ points, or we lose by 2. I'm not sure.

Kodiak: We have a chance to be part of history. With Oregon needing to win _really_ big in order to get into the national championship game, this has all the makings of one for the record books.

To slow Oregon's offense, you either need to be dominant on the front 7, especially the Dline, or get great play out of your safeties. That's not us this year.

Also, there's a chance that Bridgford or Hinder will play well and start off an epic QB controversy with plenty of conspiracy theories. Good times.

Unclesam22: Oregon ran up and down the field on a U$C team that made us look silly. This may not be the game to watch if you have a weak stomach or small children. I suspect that given our injuries, our season effectively being over, and our lack of a bye resulting in our team being worn down, this might turn into an epic blowout. Our only hope is that Oregon's starters are really tired from having to play the full game against $C.