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Bonfire Rally: Roasted Duck Style!

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Bonfire Rally. Roasted Duck Style! Friday Night, 7 pm @ the Greek. Doors open at 6.


Disappointed you didn't get to yell for more wood during Big Game Week, or join in a moving "Spirit of California" ceremony? The UC Rally Committee would like to pass on this message:

Come get pumped for the last home game of the season as we ROAST THE DUCK in the biggest legal bonfire west of the Mississippi!

Guests will include:
-The Cal Football Team
-The Cal Volleyball Team
-The Cal Basketball Team
-Cal Band
-Cal Dance Team
-Cal Cheer Team
-Cal Jazz Choir
-Many more!

Doors open at 6. Flames begins at 7.

This event is free and open to the public. You do not need to be a student to attend!

ASUC Sponsored. ADA Accessible

- Facebook Event Page

Note: Roasted duck may or may not be available. In any case, it is highly recommended you try some this week.