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CGB Blogpoll (Final) Ballot, Week 10

norcalnick: Notre Dame's struggle to beat a mediocre Pitt team drops them to 4th, and only a win over USC (and it would probably need to be decisive) or a loss by a team above them will allow them to rise in my poll.


norcalnick: Having said that, it's really really hard to choose between K St., Bama and Oregon in a week that saw all three teams record impressive wins. For now I still give Alabama and Kansas State the nod based on strength of schedule, but I still expect Oregon and Alabama to fill the top 2 slots if all three teams finish the season undefeated.

atomsareenough: Kansas State, Oregon and Alabama remain at 1-2-3 for me. Though, if the Collin Klein injury is serious, they could struggle against TCU next week and that would cause me to rethink things. Oregon's offense continues to be unstoppable; putting up 62 at USC is ridiculous. Of course, it would have been nice for the Ducks if their defense had showed up, but credit USC's playmakers as well. There's going to be a bloodbath in Memorial next week, especially considering how nicked up Cal is on defense. Alabama continues to do what Alabama does, beating LSU (#13 this week) on the road 21-17. I dropped Notre Dame to #5 behind #4 Clemson after the Irish needed triple overtime to beat Pitt at home. A national championship contender shouldn't need triple overtime to beat a team like Pitt at home. I think the Irish will lose to USC.

ragnarok: Why Clemson at #4? No one else had them in their top 10.

Berkelium97: Most of the action is at the top and bottom of my poll this week. Another solid performance from Kansas State (1) keeps them atop the poll, although Collin Klein’s injury may trip up the ‘Cats when they visit TCU next week. Alabama (2) and Oregon (3) leapfrog an increasingly suspect Notre Dame (4)

norcalnick: Sorting between Florida, LSU and Georgia is still hard. LSU has two losses . . . because Florida and Georgia haven't played Alabama.

atomsareenough: Ohio State keeps rolling along and ends up at #6 this week for me after destroying Illinois. The Buckeyes switch places with Florida State, who had a bye week. Georgia stays at #8 with a solid win over an okay Ole Miss team. I dropped Florida a spot from #9 to #10 for an underwhelming win against Mizzou. Undefeated Louisville takes their place at #9. Texas A&M, Toledo (who had a bye week), Oregon State, and Utah State all slide up to fill out the rest of the 11-15 spots around #13 LSU.

norcalnick: I still am uncomfortable ranking Louisville (11) so highly, but at least they're blowing out bad teams now unlike earlier in the year. They're about as high as they're likely to go unless they really blow out their last 3 Big East opponents.

Berkelium97: Northern Illinois (25) rounds out the poll. We might as well throw Dave Doeren’s name into the mix for the next Cal head coach. He was the Wisconsin defensive coordinator from 2008-2010 and led them to the top-25 in most major categories. He had a rough 2-3 start with NIU but has been 18-1 since, including a win in the MAC Championship Game in his first year as head coach.

norcalnick: As per usual, anybody ranked in the 20s is ranked under protest. Mississippi State's best win is over Tennessee. Northwestern's best win is over Iowa. USC has 3 losses. Losing to Oregon by 10 is more impressive than anything anybody else in the 20s of my poll has done.

Berkelium97: Mississippi State drops off the poll after losing all vital signs for the second consecutive week.

atomsareenough: I dropped previous #14 Boise State completely for losing to San Diego State. Texas Tech also slips off the ballot after losing to Texas. Nebraska and UCF take their places. I could have added Northern Illinois, I suppose, but I don't know if both they and Toledo deserve to be ranked, and they'll play each other in a week and a half, so we'll find out.