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Golden Nuggets: Allan Bridgford Is Ready to Take on Oregon

With the QB situation up in the air, Bridgford talks about how his practice role has changed this week and how he is preparing for Oregon.


Usually on Tuesday's GN we check in with the opposing coach, who has held his weekly press conference/luncheon with the media. However, Chip Kelly is even more paranoid than Tedford, so we will have look elsewhere this time. Today we check in with Allen Bridgford who spoke about preparing to start against Oregon and how this can be a springboard to capturing the starting role for next season.

What is your confidence level that you can lead the team?

"Very confident. I’ve never had a doubt in my mind I can get the job done and help us win football games."

What have they told you about what might happen this week?

"Definitely wait and see. I have no idea what’s been going on with anything."

Do you have to mentally prepare as if you might be starting?

"It won’t be any different this week. Every week I prepare like I’m the starter because one day you’re going to get that chance and you don’t want to miss it."

During an average week of practice, how many reps do you get with the first-team?


If Zach cannot play the next two weeks, would you — besides trying to win these games — view this as sort of an audition to get a running start on the spring and winning the position for next season?

"Absolutely. No matter what, I’m going to prepare as hard as I can and do everything I can to help this football team win games. We’ve got a lot of pride to play for right now. Yeah, if I play it would be a big thing getting a jump-start, getting ready for next year."

If you are named the starter, how much different would it be for you knowing you’re going to play and not jump in there cold off the bench?

"Psychologically, your brain acts differently when you know you’re getting to start that week as opposed to when you’re second string and you know you’re not starting the game. But it’s fairly easy for anything to happen. You’re one play away from playing, like you saw last Friday night. Your body is getting ready for a fight either way."

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