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Cal Men's Soccer @ UCLA Open Thread

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Just as the Cal W. Soccer took on the best in the Pac earlier today, Men's Soccer will also get their chance today against UCLA. Coming off a tough one goal road loss to San Diego State, the Bears (8-6-2, 2-4-1) faces a No.5 UCLA team (12-2-2, 7-1) coming off a thrilling double OT victory over Furd. GO BEARS!


When: 5 PM PT

TV/Online: Pac-12 Networks (online for subscribers only)

Gametracker: link

Down to the last 2 games of the regular season, the Bears are looking to finish strong against the two biggest rival in the conference. Tonight, the Bears seek revenge for the earlier 3-1 loss to UCLA at home. Next week, the Bears finish the conference play with the home leg of the Bay Area Derby against Stanfurd.

Bears are currently 40th in RPI (before the 2-1 loss to San Diego State), so they could really use a win tonight over RPI no.3 UCLA to boost their NCAA tournament chance.

Bears leaders: Senior Midfielder, Tony Salciccia lead the Bears in points with 15 (5 goals, 5 assists). Sophomore Seth Casiple leads the Bears in assist with 7. Sophomore goalie Kevin Peach has started every game for the Bears and has a goal-against-average of 1.11.