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What did you see as positives from Friday night's game?

It was a disappointing loss that sealed a losing season for the second time in 3 years. Yet there were a few bright spots so we have to ask, what did you see as the positives coming out of the Washington game?

Ezra Shaw

LeonPowe: Chris Harper and that's about it.

Berkelium97: None.

TwistNHook: I have no idea why people are saying there are no or few positives from this game. Although Cal lost to UW for the 4th year in a row (although we could as much have a 3 game winning streak as a 4 game losing streak), there were many, many positives. I will list a few here. I look forward to others providing their positives.

Rushing              No Gain Loss  Net TD Lg  Avg
Anderson, C.J.       22  164    4  160  0 64  7.3
There is one huge positive right there. C.J. Anderson had a MONSTER game. 160 yards with a 7.3 average. That is BEASTMODE right there. I've always loved C.J. Anderson from the start. Local kid. Nice guy to chat with at FanFest. Did a great interview with us. Shows his passion for the game and the team on Twitter a lot. Although I am very excited to see what Bigs can do next season, I am going to be sad for Anderson to graduate. In a difficult year, he has been about as consistent a bright spot as you can find for the team.

Let's not forget this sequence here:

  C 2-31 C08   9-Anderson, C.J. rush for 8 yards to the CAL16 (7-Thompson, Shaq).
      C 3-23 C16   9-Anderson, C.J. rush for 64 yards to the WASH20, 1ST DOWN CAL,
                   out-of-bounds (7-Thompson, Shaq), PENALTY WASH personal foul (7-Thompson,
                   Shaq) 10 yards to the WASH10, 1ST DOWN CAL.
Cal gets down 2nd and 31. That's a negative there. But two C.J. Anderson runs later, not only do we have a first down, but Shaq Thompson has a personal foul!

Another (relative) positive. Penalties were cut down again.

UW Cal
Penalties: Number-Yards.......   12-108     6-55

UW had significantly more penalties that Cal did and we kept our penalties to a minimum. After seeing some of the uglier games earlier this season, that is promising.

LeonPowe did mention Harper, but let's just look at his numbers here.

Receiving             No.  Yds   TD Long
Harper, Chris           7  101    0   36
I am definitely looking forward to him, Treggs, and Rodgers for years to come. Those guys are talented. Powe looked good today, too. We are getting these younger guys some great experience and I hope it pans out.

Of course, some more positives are all the turnovers Cal got. Yes, we gave up some sad turnovers, but we also obtain a goodly amount. This is especially true when you throw in the stops on not one BUT TWO 4th downs!

 W 4-1  C27   25-Sankey, Bishop rush for loss of 2 yards to the CAL29 (11-Forbes,
               Nick;17-Scarlett, Brenn).
 W 4-1  C34   25-Sankey, Bishop rush for loss of 1 yard to the CAL35 (17-Scarlett,
               Brenn;37-Mullins, Robert).
Love it!

Vincent S: We moved the ball much more consistently. Whether it was due to a porous Washington D-Line, or better execution and blocking by our Offensive Line, we looked a lot better driving the ball down the field than against Utah or Stanford. With Allen out, the young WRs were stepping up and making plays. In particular, I saw Darius Powe involved in quite a few plays. Chris Harper looks like a more compact Marvin Jones with the way he lays out for the ball. Bridgford, Hinder, Boehm, or Kline will have some weapons to throw to next year.

JahvidKnowsBest: We were able to run the ball pretty well which was nice. CJ I think had around 160 yards, which was nice to see. Even though Bridgford didn't have a lot of completions, I liked how he was throwing the ball downfield at the end of the game. Maynard never really airs it out like that. Our young receivers also played pretty awesomely, so the future looks bright in that category. McCain played well despite being clearly hobbled.

Kodiak: Chris Harper, Darius Powe, and Richard Rodgers all show the potential to be really nice players. Despite being a bit banged up, CJ Anderson ran very hard. Props to the fans and students who showed up to support the team.

Unclesam22: Chris Harper, CJ Anderson, and Nick Forbes all played incredibly well. I mean, good grief, Forbes had 11 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries and an interception! I know the turnovers were coming fast and furious, but that is a great game in my book. Harper made some phenomenal catches on balls that weren't the best throws and ended up with over 100 years and a really nice touchdown run. And CJ was just punishing in his runs. It was nice to see them keep fighting and playing hard and I think that it bodes well for next season to have such a good crop of young stars like Harper, Forbes, McCain, Sebastian, and Bigelow. A game like this, if we can sort out our Oline issues, really give me hope for the future of Cal football. I was pleasantly surprised at the crowd and how large it looked on TV. I was expecting a half empty stadium but it seemed like people showed up and supported the team, which is how it ought to be.