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Golden Recruiting Wire: Where do our commits stand after Tedford's firing?

See what's new with Cal's commits, how their seasons are going, and if the coaching change has impacted any of their decisions.


Cal is not exactly at the top of the recruiting food chain after this past season. Its no surprise that Oregon, USC, and Stanford are ranked ahead of our current class, but both Washington and UCLA have surprisingly found their way into the top 20, whereas Cal isn't even listed within the top 40. However, it is still very early in the recruiting season, and if the Bears are able to land a solid head coach, our number of commits will likely increase.

Here are the guys who are currently committed to Cal for the 2013 season (in order of ESPN ranking)

Just in today, ladies and gentleman, Khalfani Muhammad has committed to be a Bear. Let's hope he stays hard on that commit!

Khalfani Muhammad, RB, Notre Dame High School

A smaller back, but with speed to burn. A short frame but could put some more weight on. His tape says it all. Nobody is catching this guy. He's also the 100 meter champ for the state (Jahvid Best was also). He's rushed for over 1,400 yards this season, and comes from a big time powerhouse school. He's ranked as the no. 34 running back in the country, and has offers on the table from schools such as Notre Dame and Arkansas. Good to see that Cal's reputation as Running Back U is holding up.

Cameron Hunt, Offensive Tackle, Centennial High School.

Hunt is a really strong prospect, and has been ranked as the 13th best OT in the country. He is also a scholar athlete with a high GPA and has taken multiple AP courses. You can see how dominant he is in his tape, where just about every play is of him flat-backing anything from defensive ends to cornerbacks. Personally, I'm really happy to see us getting an academic guy like Hunt, especially after our low graduation rate in 2012. He also comes from a big time program which is known for producing top of the line prospects. This season his squad is 12-1 and ranked 24th in the nation.

Unfortunately, with Tedford's recent firing, it appears that Hunt is reconsidering his options. He is going to take a visit to ASU, and is waiting on a Michigan offer.

Jared Goff, Quarterback, Marin Catholic High School.

This guy goes to my high school alma mater's rival, so I was a little hesitant on him to begin with. But after watching his game tape, I couldn't be happier for the kid. Marin County is an extremely difficult place to get any major athletic recognition. I couldn't do it for sure. The only big name guys to come out of that area in recent years are Cooper Helfet, who just got waived by the Seahawks, as well as Kahlil Bell, who ran the ball for UCLA and the Chicago Bears last year. Regardless, Goff has been able to do what many thought was impossible, and become a legitimate prospect in an area which was often regarded as being desolate of real talent. He is currently ranked as the 22nd best pocket passer by ESPN.

The kid's the real deal. Big time arm, intelligent, can read the defense. He was invited on Trent Dilfer's Elite 11 show and was able to come out as one of the best players at the camp. In his tape, notice he only threw 4 picks last year, while throwing 44 TDs; those are wow numbers. I saw him play last Saturday against Cardinal Newman. They were down 17 points in the second half. Goff took his Wildcats on a 28-0 run to win the game in the 4th quarter. His squad is 12-1 and is pushing for an NCS championship. He is also strongly committed to Cal.

Victor Egu, OLB, De La Salle High School

His high school says it all. De La Salle consistently puts out the best linebackers in the country. He is ranked as the 22nd best OLB, making him a big time prospect. Glad to see that our pipeline with that school is continuing to develop. Egu's a big, rangy guy, but still has really good speed. He can play all over the field, and runs real well from sideline to sideline. He's a ferocious tackler as well. Look for him to likely redshirt next year, simply because our linebacker corps should be fairly stacked going into 2013. Hopefully he'll be able to learn from the likes of McCain and Scarlett and become a real force in years to come. Unsurprisingly, his squad is undefeated and will likely make a run at the state championship.

Darius Allensworth, Athlete, Heritage High School.

Didn't know much about this guy till recently. He's a smaller prospect, but has great athleticism and speed. ESPN puts him as the 79th best Athlete. He can play both defensive backs and wide receiver. If I had to guess, I'd say he'll probably stay at corner in college. He's pretty small, and we already have an abundance of smaller receivers. On the other side, we need to replace the likes of Josh Hill and Marc Anthony going into next year. He comes from a winning program and his squad is currently 11-2. After Tuesday's firing, he is reassessing his options, and seems to getting a lot of attention from Wisconsin, but claims he will still likely sit with Cal.

Trevelleous Cheek, CB, Archer High School (Georgia).

Reminds me a lot of Avery Sebastian (not just because they're both from Georgia). Ranked as the 49th best CB. You watch his tape and the one thing that pops out at you about this kid is that he can lay the wood. Really a big time hitter. He should be a solid pick up at defensive back for us. Currently, his squad is only 6-4, but by watching the game tape, you can tell that this guy looks ready for the next level. Looking forward to him being a Bear. He is also firmly sticking with Cal.

A.J. Richardson, WR, Narbonne High School

Not a highly recruited guy, but a receiver with good size and hands. ESPN puts him as 87th best in the country. This is good because our receiving core is currently fairly small outside of Harris. Hopefully he can be a gem. Looks like we were the best school to offer him but our coaching staff obviously saw something in him that they liked. His squad is doing very well this year, and is currently undefeated. I'm all for it.

Matt Anderson, Kicker, San Ramon Valley

Pretty highly rated for a kicker. 3 stars. Ranked the 11th best kicker in the country. Glad we got him since kickers are hard to come by. His team is struggling at 6-6, which is surprising because SRV is generally a powerhouse.

Garrett Hughes, DE, Centennial High School

Ranked as the 72nd best DE in the country. Teammate of Cameron Hunt. He's a defensive end, a little short but still has good size at 250 lbs. Because of his small size I wouldn't be surprised if he got moved to defensive tackle. He seems to be adept at getting penetration, even against double teams.

Raymond Hudson, TE, Foothill High School.

Hudson is ranked the #19 TE in the country. He's a big, tall guy, with soft hands. Kind of reminds me of a smaller Richard Rodgers. With Spencer Hagan coming off a severe knee injury, Hudson may be able to compete for time right away. He displays pure receiver capabilities in his tape, and should be a nice threat to have in the red zone. This year his squad is struggling at 6-7. After Tedford's firing, he has decided that he is going to continue weighing his options. He wants to wait and see who the new coach is before making his decision.

Shon Akins, CB, Norcross High School (Georgia)

Our second recruit from the state of Georgia. Nice to see that we seem to be developing a little pipeline there. Akins is ranked as the 79th best CB in the country. That lower ranking is likely a tribute to his small size; he only weighs about 165. Regardless, he does show big time athleticism, and will add depth to a secondary that got torched all last season. Shows good speed and that he's not fearful of sticking his nose in there to make the tackle. Another big time program guy, his team is currently undefeated.

Chad Whitener, ILB, Mansfield High School (Texas)

Massive for a high school senior, especially a linebacker. This guy is 6'1, but weighs in at about around 240. He's ranked as the 53rd best inside linebacker. Chances are, whoever is coaching at Cal when he gets here, he'll probably ask Chad to slim down a little. Other than that, he's a sure tackler, big time hitter, and looks like he knows how to shed blocks extremely well (played some O-line too, so maybe that's where that comes from). He's a two way starter on an average squad, their record is 7-5 as of now. He says he will stay with Cal, but is going to check out TCU some more.

Torry McTyer, Athlete, Cathedral High School

Only tape available for him was from his freshmen year. Ranked as the 141st best Athlete by ESPN. McTyer looks like an all around solid player. Decent size, with a frame that could certainly add more weight on. I could really see him finding a place on both offense and defense, but defense seems more likely. His dad was an NFL DB, so he's definitely got some good coaching on his side. His squad is good at 10-3. He has also decided to stick with Cal.

Takkarist McKinley, DE, John F. Kennedy High School

Not a highly recruited guy, but a local guy. As a rule, Cal should always be picking up the hometown recruits. JFK is not a dominant program, and is struggling at 4-7. Not rated officially by ESPN, but has good size and athleticism and can run. No game film available of this guy as of now.

Carson O'Connell, C, Pleasant Valley High School

A preferred walk on. He's 6'3, but weighs in at a massive 315. He seems to be largely an under the radar recruit, and its hard to see why that is. He looks dominant in his tape, however his squad is only 2-8. Recruiting services have likely tabbed him as too big for the center position, and that's why he hasn't gotten a lot of attention. Regardless, our line depth is poor, and we need more recruits there. Glad to have him.