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Who wants a big helping of Portland State???

Playing Portland State is where we're a Viking!

Christian Petersen

If you are a holder of Cal's season tickets, you got an email today. It has a lot of info (more on that later). But it also has an info-graphic about all of the 2013 opponents. How delightful! We've got multiple OSUs and Northwestern and Portland State and USC and Portland State and...wait a second...Portland State?


Yes, this is the first I've heard of it (and maybe it's been floating around the internet and I am a man full of his own ignorance and narcissism). But, hey, Portland State. So, that's a thing.

Looks like we now have 7 home games in 2013. This is a rarity. Usually, we only have 6 home games, because we have 2 OOC games and the Big Game is away. However, in 2013, ALL of our OOC home games are at home. Northwestern.....Portland State........Ohio State, all in the cozy confines of the frozen tundra of Memorial Stadium. Plus, our usual odd year Pac-12 schedule: USC, Arizona, other, less well-known OSU, and WSU.

That is actually a fairly cool schedule. USC and tOSU are pretty frigging A++++ opponents, would please don't lose to again. OSU and Arizona are interesting opponents. Time for revenge for 62-14! WSU could be cool depending on how things go up there in Pullman. Northwestern is unique, because we rarely play them. Inb4 OhioBear saying our schedule against Northwestern including how many rushing yards they've had against us in against home game bla bla bla.

The fact that we are playing Arizona at home and Colorado on the road was news to me. I knew we'd be playing those two, but wasn't sure which one was where. Perhaps, again, that was floating out there and I just missed it.

And then there is Portland State. As Ralph Wiggum once never said, playing Portland State, that's where we're a Viking!

So, what are your thoughts on this? I actually feel more hopeful than ever. 2012 was not great. In fact, in many ways, it was not good. But 7 home games, including some cool contests. And maybe a great coach?

If you want more information on season ticket renewals, here you go:

Renewal Information
Cal football season ticket renewals will take place during a new timeframe for the upcoming 2013 season. Fans will have a 6-week window to renew, with the opportunity to earn great perks and incentives for renewing early. Season ticket holders will receive complete renewal, pricing, benefits and upgrade information in the coming weeks.

Renewal Window - Dec. 17, 2012 - Jan. 31, 2013

Required per-seat donations for renewing season ticket holders can be made at the time of ticket payment, or delayed until April 30, 2013.

Upgrade Event
Cal will host its first-ever Select-a-Seat event at Memorial Stadium in early 2013 for all renewing season ticket holders outside of the premium Endowment Seating Program (ESP) sections. The event will be a first look at newly available season seat locations and sections for the upcoming season.

Questions? Contact your Gold Standard service representative at (800) GO BEARS (462-3277) or

Become a New Season Ticket Holder
Fans who want to become a new season ticket holder for the 2013 season can place a non-refundable deposit now. The deposit will guarantee a seat selection time during our upgrade event after renewing season ticket holders at Memorial Stadium in early 2013.