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All Pac-12 Teams Announced: Brian Schwenke, Vince D'Amato Make First Team

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Not many Bears made it on the first or second offensive/defensive teams, but a good amount earned honorable mention for the 2012 season.


The All PAC-12 teams were released today.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this year was that Keenan Allen didn't make the first team offensive unit.

He didn't make the second team either...

He did receive honorable mention, however. I wonder if this season will significantly impact his draft stock; I hope not. Even though he has missed some games to injury, I still thought he should have at least made second team considering he was a first team guy last year, and was arguably the most feared receiver in the PAC 12 outside of Marqise Lee when he was healthy. I also think he was more impressive than second team selection Robert Woods, who essentially disappeared for USC this season.

One of the more pleasant surprises was that Brian Schwenke was named to the first team offense, while both Sebastian and McCain earned honorable mention honors. Happy to hear about this for Schwenke. He was our anchor on a constantly changing line rotation. He continued to play hard despite a losing season, and really earned that first team honor. Sad to see him go next year, hopefully he'll do well at the next level.

I thought McCain should have at least had 2nd team honors. He was clearly a standout player in every game he played in this season, despite multiple nagging injuries. It's also pretty impressive that Sebastian was given honors (for special teams). I thought if he played an entire season as a starter he would have been a first team guy. But given the amount of starts he had, any honors at all is still impressive.

Brendan Bigelow, Josh Hill, and Steve Williams also all earned honorable mention. Bigelow was obviously the big play guy for us this year, and was nominated for his special teams work in the kick return game. His lack of touches justify him only being honorable mention. With the right offensive scheme, I think he could be an offensive player of the year one day.

Josh Hill had a lot of tackles this year and did the best he could shuffling between safety and nickelback. It wasn't an easy year for Hill to adjust to multiple roles, and it seems he was awarded for being the leader of the backline of a decent Cal defense.

Steve Williams also was not much of a surprise as a selection. The WSU game where he earned defensive player of the week honors really made the case for him. Glad that he still has another year (I really doubt he's going to enter the draft). We're really going to need him to anchor down our young secondary next year.

Vince D'Amato also won first team for place kicker. Go special teams! Kind of surprising that the guy who had a serious cold streak going at the beginning of the season was able to garner first team accolades. Regardless, gotta be happy for the guy. He was one of only two Bears to actually earn non-honorable mention honors.

Just by glancing over the list, it looks like the Bears had one of the lowest, if not the lowest amount of all league players. We also only had 2 players who were not honorable mention, and one of them was our kicker. This is generally surprising for a program which usually dominates these sorts of things, but really is indicative of what kind of year we had. Even Colorado had more guys than us...

Really Pac-12 coaches... Colorado?

All I can say is that I'm glad this year is finally over.