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Enjoy Cal Men's Basketball For Cheap!

Who doesn't like getting a deal on Cal Athletics???

UPDATED: Info below still good, BUT HERE'S MORE! More info from Cal Athletics:

Dec. 6th-There will be a live stream video chat with Cobbs and Crabbe-details to come.

Cal will also be asking fans to submit their questions for Monty; they will then compile them, and he'll answer as many questions as he can. The plan is for Athletics to film it and release it probably on Dec. 13th.

UNLV-There will be food trucks before the game. Info is here:


Let's get a look at some deals that you can get for Men's Basketball tickets. First, we have this deal here:


Here are the details to get this deal.

So if you go to go buy tickets and use the code BERKELEYREPRESENT at this site, you can get a deal. What is that deal?

If you buy a ticket for Creighton or UNLV, you get a free (FREE!) Utah ticket!

Here is the schedule:

  • UNLV, Sunday December 9th, 3 PM PT
  • Creighton, Saturday December 15th, 8 PM PT
  • Utah, Thursday February 28th, 6 PM PT

The Thurmanator definitely wants to see you for these games!

Hey, that's a pretty good deal. I was gonna buy a UNLV ticket anyway (can't go to Creighton, sadly), so I think I'll do it through this. And now you can, too. GO BEARS!