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Cal Women's Basketball vs. Eastern Washington: Preview & Gamethread

It's Game 1 of the Cal Classic by Doubletree, and the winner will likely advance to face the Georgetown Hoyas.

Brittany Boyd, Justine Hartman and Mikayla Lyles are back in action against Eastern Washington
Brittany Boyd, Justine Hartman and Mikayla Lyles are back in action against Eastern Washington

When: 1:00 pm PT
TV: None
Video Stream:
Audio Stream: Cal Bears All-Access ($$$)

Last year, Eastern Washington was actually a relatively credible mid-major. They were contenders in the Big Sky and gave Gonzaga and Oregon State tough games. But they lost two seniors who were the life blood of their offense (30 points and 9 assists/game combined) and so far the early season has been a struggle. They do have a win over Portland, but they also have two losses to Pacific and CSU Northridge when they just couldn't score points. As of right now the Eagles are 257th in the nation in turnover percentage, and they're going up against a tough full court press. This could get ugly.

Players to watch

Carrie Ojeda: The 6'1'' senior is Eastern Washington's primary post player, which gives you a sense of the size advantage Cal will have. That said, she makes the most of her 73 inches, and like Gen Brandon she's averaging a double double. Now that I've mentioned Gen Brandon, I'd like to mention a Gen Brandon Fact: Gen Brandon's 16.3 points/game and 11.7 rebounds per game in just 23 minutes/game means that if she played 40 minutes at her current level of production, she would average 28.3 points and 20 rebounds per game.

Lexie Nelson: A sophomore-by-eligibility who made the rare intra-conference transfer (from Montana), Nelson has immediately taken the mantle of EWU's offensive leader. Half of her shots have come from behind the 3 point line, so Cal's guards should know what to expect from her. She's also been turnover prone so far, which makes her a potential target for Cal's pres.

This is where I'd typically have 'keys to the game' or some other such tidbit of info. But really, all Cal needs to do is play their typical game and they should cruise. I don't want to tempt juju, but the Bears have played like a top 10 team so far this year, and Eastern Washington just isn't in the same league. This game is a warm-up for the real battle against a Georgetown team on the fringes of the top 25.