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Cal beats Drake in the first round of the DirecTV Classic 73-70; faces Georgia Tech tomorrow at 9 PM PST

It's Bears vs. Bulldogs for all the leftover turkey left on the table!

Time to block the Bulldogs
Time to block the Bulldogs

When: 8:30 pm PT

And, for those of you driving home from Thanksgiving dinner, here are your radio options:

KKSF Radio 910 AM San Francisco (Flagship)

KESP Radio 970 AM Modesto, Calif.

KAHI Radio 950 AM Sacramento, Calif.

KION Radio 1460 AM Salinas, Calif.

Arguably, this is the most important game of the tournament. If Cal wins this game they avoid a bad loss and likely avoid future chances for bad losses because they'll advance to the winner's bracket to play superior teams. Lose this on and the resume gets a black eye and a shot at a few more.

So let's win. Go Bears!