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CGB Blogpoll (Final) Ballot, Week 12

norcalnick: After last week's insanity, I took the time to rethink some of my assumptions. Notre Dame is a clear number one, especially now that their win over Stanford looks much better. But after that you have a ton of 1 loss teams with a hypothetically viable claim on spot #2. So who to choose? I

Jonathan Daniel

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

The California Golden Blogs Ballot - Week 12

Rank Team Delta
1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Arrow_up 3
2 Alabama Crimson Tide Arrow_up 1
3 Oregon Ducks Arrow_down -2
4 Ohio St. Buckeyes Arrow_up 5
5 Florida Gators Arrow_up 2
6 Kansas St. Wildcats Arrow_down -4
7 Florida St. Seminoles Arrow_up 4
8 LSU Tigers Arrow_down -3
9 Texas A&M Aggies Arrow_down -1
10 Clemson Tigers --
11 Georgia Bulldogs Arrow_down -5
12 Stanford Cardinal --
13 Oklahoma Sooners --
14 Oregon St. Beavers Arrow_up 1
15 UCLA Bruins Arrow_up 1
16 Nebraska Cornhuskers Arrow_up 1
17 South Carolina Gamecocks Arrow_down -3
18 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Arrow_up 4
19 Texas Longhorns Arrow_down -1
20 Utah State Aggies Arrow_up 3
21 Oklahoma State Cowboys --
22 Louisville Cardinals Arrow_down -1
23 Northern Illinois Huskies Arrow_up 2
24 Kent State Golden Flashes --
25 Northwestern Wildcats --

SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Top 25 Rankings "Upon closer examination of the resumes, Florida jumped out at me as looking better than I anticipated, and Clemson looks way worse. Florida has one kinda fluky looking loss on a neutral field to go along with good wins on the road over A&M and LSU/South Carolina at home. If they add Florida State's pelt next week I think I'd consider supporting them for the title game depending on the result of the SEC championship game. Yes, I know they struggled to beat some patsies. But everybody has warts.

Oregon and Clemson are both really hurt by the weak quality of their best win. USC just isn't that good this year and they still gave Oregon a hell of a game. And honestly, I put Clemson behind a number of two loss teams because their best win is over either Duke or Georgia Tech. They can help themselves out big time by crushing South Carolina, but their schedule is so weak that there's only so far they can rise.

K. State falls not just because they lost, but because they were blown out by a 5 loss team. Georgia's blowout loss to USC really hurts them. Bama's win over Michigan is a nice boost, but their schedule is weaker than you'd think at closer glance.

Bottom line: This is really, really hard this year. I don't recall a year with so many viable title contenders. Hopefully things sort themselves out over the next two weeks . . . or, depending on how much you hate the BCS and love chaos, hopefully they don't?

atomsareenough: Obviously Oregon and K-State drop for losing. Damn shame, that. I was looking forward to a barnburner of national championship game. Anyway, at this point in the season, getting through without losing is an accomplishment, so I'm going to give the top spots to the two undefeated teams, Notre Dame (#1) and ineligible Ohio State (#2). Clemson did its job, so it sticks at #3. Oregon drops to #4 for its close loss to Stanford, and the Cardinal rise to #8.

I pretty much penalized the entire SEC for scheduling nothing but cupcakes this week Absolutely disgraceful.

ragnarok: Atoms, I often disagree with your rankings, but I wholeheartedly support this sentiment. What the heck are Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Auburn, Texas A&M and Kentucky doing playing FCS competition during the third week of November?!?

atomsareenough: That said, K-State dropping to #7 lets Alabama move up to #5 and Florida State to #6. LSU, A&M, and Georgia are 9-10-11, and I dropped Florida all the way down to #17 after having thoroughly mediocre performances against cupcakes two weeks in a row. If they beat FSU, they'll be back in the picture, but I am expecting a Seminole win right now. Utah State and Rutgers are 12-13, and UCLA jumps up to #14 after being USC. The Trojans drop out. Oregon State follows at #15 for me after sealing Coach Tedford's fate.

Berkelium97: Notre Dame is at the top but everything after that gets interesting. I moved Florida (2) ahead of Alabama (3) due to their superior resume. Oregon (4) falls slightly (4) while Kansas State (10) tumbles down the rankings.

I dropped Georgia (14) and South Carolina (16) ten spots each for failing to put away FCS teams until the second half.

atomsareenough: Oklahoma drops a little, Northern Illinois and Nebraska move up a little, and Texas, Oklahoma State, Boise State, and Michigan replace LA Tech, USC, UCF, and Wisconsin. South Carolina hangs on at #25 after an insipid win over Wofford, mostly because I couldn't think of anyone better.

Berkelium97: I wish I had a reason to keep Ohio State (5) out of the top ten. Somehow they keep snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Stanford (11) feels both overrated and underrated. I feel odd ranking them behind Oregon, but they’re certainly not a top-ten team. That defense is worthy of the top ten. The offense? Not so much.