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Positives? Negatives? What did you see in the Oregon State game?

It was rough. The game was essentially over in the 2nd quarter and many of us were either watching other games with national implications or simply went to bed once the outcome was determined. But for those hardy souls that watched until the end, we ask you, what positives and negatives did you see from the Oregon State game?

Ezra Shaw


LeonPowe: The positives were that I didn't actually see the game, but instead this long, difficult season is finally over. I have hated ever part of this Tedford death knell - the anger, the constant speculation about his future and his successors. Well, that's not quite over yet, but it has been a very unpleasant season - I mean when the Gilby teams were winning 3 and 4 games, we didn't have the high expectations for our football team that we do now. And even over the past couple of years where we didn't look as sharp, we could always point to a presumably high APR rate and the coming Memorial Stadium. But once that academic report came out and we laid an egg against Nevada, I haven't enjoyed a football season less.

Ohio Bear: Positives? You want positives? The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is something I read Bob Knight said before one of his Indiana teams was playing in the NIT championship game. He said something to the effect of it being a great day because "after this game I don't have to watch this team play anymore." I'm not proud of it, but that's the way I feel. I appreciate all the time and effort these guys put into being California Golden Bear football players. But boy oh boy: was this season a downer. I am glad it is over. It's actually a positive that it is over, which is sad for me to say.

Another positive I'll put here is Isi Sofele. And, for that matter, Josh Hill. There was no quit in these guys, playing their last games in a Cal uniform. It was nowhere near how they dreamed of going out, I'm sure, but they still gave it 100 percent. I'm sure I can say this for many of the guys, but I noticed it most from these two.

Kodiak: This pus-oozing sore of a season is finally done. We don't have to scratch at it anymore. Next.

Unclesam22: The game was over midway through the 2nd quarter so I was able to go to bed at halftime with no doubt what the outcome would be and nor remorse for missing it.

As Ohio Bear mentioned, it was great to see seniors Isi and Josh Hill play hard all the way to the end. Those guys definitely represent UC Berkeley well and it was enjoyable watching them play.

JahvidKnowsBest: some players continued to play hard even though it was obvious that we quit very early on in the game. Sofele was running extremely hard. Not many other guys seemed to be very interested in the game though.

Ragnarok: Hey, I've got a positive! Sofele's touchdown meant that Cal was never shut out during Tedford's tenure. So, there's that, I guess.

TwistNHook: There are actual positives from this game. I know, I know. Let's stat:

Rushing              No Gain Loss  Net TD Lg  Avg
Sofele, Isi          18  109    5  104  1 35  5.8
Anderson, C.J.       11   62    1   61  0 20  5.5
Bigelow, Brendan      5   19    0   19  0  7  3.8
Stevens, Eric         1    6    0    6  0  6  6.0
Harper, Chris         1    2    0    2  0  2  2.0
Lasco, Daniel         1    1    0    1  0  1  1.0
Bridgford, Allan      3    5    8   -3  1  4 -1.0
Totals...            40  204   14  190  2 35  4.8

Not a great game for Bigs, but C.J. Anderson and Isi Sofele had great last games. It SUCKS that that had to be their last games. But they went down fighting. I never was really outraged about Bigs not getting as much playing time, because we had two good RBs ahead of him. He'll get his shots. He has two more years (probably should be three, really). He'll be the lead back going forward. It's great to see Isi and C.J. have such productive games.


LeonPowe: So I didn't watch the Cal game because of a prior engagement, but I also watched the Oregon game with my boss who is an Oregon grad. Not only did Stanford win, but Oregon lost which means she will be grumpy for the next few weeks.

Ohio Bear: Losing is bad enough. Losing 9 games is worse. But damn. We lost 62-14. With Coach Tedford basically all but done, I thought that maybe the team would rally around him or circle the wagons, or something. I know it was a tough go playing without Maynard, Allen, Scarlett, Sebastian, and Moala, but still. Losing by 48 points against a team that hadn't blown anyone out all season? It was one big fat negative night of penalties, turnovers, and assorted ineptitude.

Kodiak: I feel badly for the seniors, especially the ones who were injured. They deserved better.

Unclesam22: Penalties, turnovers and lack of discipline. So yeah, the same 3 things that have plagued Cal all season long. I have no idea how Tedford went from a coach who's teams were always prepared, disciplined, rarely turned the ball over and hardly committed dumb penalties to this derptastic squad, but it's both astounding and baffling to watch. Major negatives right there.

And if indeed this was Tedford's last game at Cal what a horrible way to go out, getting blown out in the rain on the road in Corvallis. Just miserable.

JahvidKnowsBest: Cal quit before the game even started. I can't remember a worst Cal performance to be quite honest. At least against Utah it looked like we were trying. This was a talented team. We hung with tOSU, Oregon, USC, demolished UCLA. I think after the Utah game a lot of them really stopped caring. On campus, you'd hear whispers about how the players wanted the season to be over already. I can't really blame them. What a shitty year.

TwistNHook: Clearly, when you lose by such a large margin, there are many negatives. I wanted to point out something that has been plaguing Cal all year long. We've gone back and forth regarding how Cal can cut down on the penalties. And recently, Cal had limited their penalties a bit. Like the deluge of rain spewing forth from the Oregon sky, the penalties (and the fumbles) came early and often. Cal had 15 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) penalties for DRUMROLL, PLEASE 172 yards.

This is the worst of the year. OSU had 5 penalties for 55 yards, a much more reasonable amount. We had 3x the penalties and over 3x the yards. There are MANY reasons we lost the game. But the penalties were perhaps the most frustrating. That is so controllable and in the last game of the season, it shouldn't be like that. That is something that Cal should be working on all season long. How frustrating.