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After Utah, how do you feel about the Washington game?

This was the game we all had circled. No need to rehash it all here, but we definitely have a bone to pick with the Huskies. Obviously this season has not gone according to plan, but given last week's result against Utah, how do you feel about the Washington game?

Otto Greule Jr

(Editors note: This question was asked before word about Keenan Allen's injury came out.)

Berkelium97: UW is a weird team. They seem to play very well at home, but they have been abysmal on the road this season. Hopefully their road struggles continue. I'd say we have a 40-60 shot at winning.

Vincent S: Ugh. Do I have to put something here?


I was hopeful that Cal could beat Utah and UW to get to at least 5 wins. Those were the two worst teams remaining. Utah was probably the weakest team remaining for Cal. Our faceplant there makes me feel that we are not going to do well against UW. This is especially true given that they just upset Oregon State.

JahvidKnowsBest: No faith whatsoever. However, I'll still be there to root for the team. Nothing would feel better than beating Lupoi in a game the Huskies are supposed to win. It would be a slight consolation for a season of disappointment. Also, since there is no real hope for a bowl game at this point, I want to see Tedford let the young talent play. That means giving Bigelow 20 plus carries, and seeing what the heck happens. Even throw Lasco in there for a few plays. Don't burn the Zach Kline redshirt though, whatever you do don't burn that.

Unclesam22: The last 2 games have taken it out of me. I'll watch because it's Cal and I support all of our teams, but I have little reason to think this team can keep it competitive and even given all the Tosh stuff, I just have trouble mustering up much emotion. I still think their coaching staff is dishonest, etc, but it's just a game that I hope we win.

LeonPowe: Still want blood.

Kodiak: I actually don't feel any differently about the upcoming game. We aren't playing well and we just don't appear to be well-coached. But it's not like that's a surprise at this point of the year. I still hate the UW staff and hope we destroy them. Because we're so bad, beating them might even hurt a little more.

Ohio Bear: Not very good, that's for sure. What was once a date circled on the calendar for an emotional performance is now just a date circled with dread. I'll probably watch because I can't help myself and I have no other plans at the moment.