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Golden Nuggets: Tedford on Whether He Will Return Next Season-"I Don't Know"

After suffering the worst loss in his tenure, Tedford was not in a pleasant mood at the post-game press conference. The despondent coach addresses the bitter end of the season and his uncertain future.

Christian Petersen

It was an ugly end to an ugly season. Now we play the waiting game to find out Tedford's fate. He didn't sound optimistic during the post-game press conference.

On thoughts on the season:

"Not very good. It's not something we are used to. It's obvious we have work to do. I will say this, though, about these kids; these kids are good kids and there are a lot of good young people here. Through tough times they've kept it together and I appreciate that. It's something we aren't used to and don't ever want to be used to. It's an unfortunate year for the seniors who are leaving that way. I feel for them."

On whether the team had enough tonight:
"I didn't see that in their eyes. We have a lot of guys banged up. We have guys playing through things and Oregon State was hitting on all cylinders. We had way too many penalties and turnovers. I really don't believe it's a lack of effort. I don't think they ever quit. They were just outmatched tonight."

On the high number of penalties this season:
"We had curtailed those over the last few weeks. Today was absolutely a situation of way too many penalties. We had some unfortunate things with some hands to the face when guys were inside. Some of them were lack of judgment in the open field or whatever. But most of them came with pass interference calls and we had a couple crucial ones of guys rushing inside and getting their hands too high. We got called for that a couple of times that really hurt us."

Here's video:

At least the worst is over.




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