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How are you feeling about the Oregon State game?

For the past 5 years or so the Oregon State Beavers have been the mongoose to our snake. Or snake to our mongoose. Either way, it has not been pretty. The Riley "run" in '07, Jahvid in '09, and then Riley again in '10 all bring back pretty unpleasant memories for many a Cal fan. So all of that being said, how do you feel headed in the Oregon State game?

Jonathan Ferrey

Vincent S: I have no clue. At times, we look so good on offense. At other times, we don't. At this point, I believe us to be a schizophrenic team with a string of bad luck over the course of the season. When we're on, we're ON (see: UCLA). When we're off, we're really off. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we won, or if we got blown out.

Berkelium97: This game could be interesting. Williams and Anthony will have to deal with the second-best receiving duo in the conference in Marcus Wheaton and Brandon Cooks. It looks like their lives might be a little easier because Sean Mannion looks like he's going to start. He's no slouch, but there's a reason Cody Vaz took the starting role.

Our offense may struggle, though. After Stanford, this is the toughest, most complete defense we will face this year. Their run defense is impenetrable and their pass defense is solid. If the Cal D can get pressure on Mannion, this will turn into a good old-fashioned slugfest. I'm looking forward to it.

JahvidKnowsBest: The Bear will not quit, the Bear will not die. Let's get a win to close out this season. I think we have a pretty good shot against these guys. I think as long as the run game is working we got a good shot.

TwistNHook: About the same as I did before. I've penciled this Oregon State game in for a loss for the entire season. I've penciled in this Oregon State game for a loss since like 2009! The last time we beat them up in Corvallis was 2006. Marshawn, DeSean, a healthy Nate. It was a different world! This Beavers team has always played Cal tough and they've won something like 5 out of the last 7 games against the Bears. Cal is beaten up, Tedford is a dead man walking, and there isn't much to play for. Perhaps OSU will be looking ahead to the Civil War, I don't know. But I suspect they'll come out fired up after this loss to Stanford.

Plus, they got this guy Storm Woods. His name just SOUNDS hardcore. I think he's gonna put up like 1,000 yards on us. Triple Le Sigh!

Ohio Bear: Same as I did before. We are not a very good football team. Oregon State is. And they're playing at home. The Beavers should win if they're not looking past us to the Civil War.

First thought: dooooooooooom
Second thought: Is Sean Mannion playing? He's from my hometown, and I suspect they'll be rooting for him.
Third thought: Sigh. Does it matter?

Kodiak: A little sad and relieved at the same time. Sad because it looks this is the sunset of the Tedford era. Relieved to finally get some closure after this gangrenous sore of a season. This is a bad match-up for our offense. They'll jam our receivers at the line, and try to make us beat them over the top. That's not a throw we can make consistently. We have a puncher's chance if we can establish the run. But they know that. And they'll probably be able to get pressure through our Oline with only rushing 4 or 3. We're in better shape defensively. Both of their QBs are turnover-prone. As long as we don't opt for that soft-zone stuff, we might have a chance for Williams/Anthony to stick with Wheaton/Cooks for a while. With their QBs coming off of injury, this might be the game for Coach Pendergast to just go nuts with the blitz packages. Playing Oregon should give our LBs a lot of confidence in stopping the run. OSU does different things, but mostly like to use that stretch play to the outside and vary the inside/outside zone runs with an occasional jet sweep. If our guys are disciplined, I think they're improved enough to be solid here. I'm just not sure that our special teams and offense will hold up their end to stop our defense from wearing down.

Unclesam22: I'm with Kodiak on this one. This season has been an exercise in frustration and mental exhaustion and I'm just ready for it to be over, while sad that it will end as well as I love watching the Bears play on Saturdays. The fact that this is most likely the last game with Tedford as the coach makes me feel pretty blue too, as I've expressed many times how much I respect and like the man. I really hope that the team comes out and plays inspired football for him to send him off with at least a win in what is probably his last game at Cal. And I think that they can if they play with the same emotion and intensity that we saw in the tOSU and UCLA games.

The injuries have taken a toll to be sure and the fact that our bye week falls at the end of the season has absolutely killed us this season, as I was afraid it would. No break to regroup and rest has taken its toll but I think that the Bears will come out and play hard as they have all season long and I think it will be a hard fought game. But as much as I'd love to see a Golden Bear victory, I really think OSU pulls this one out. Unfortunately.