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Sandy Barbour To Meet With Jeff Tedford On Sunday

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour could determine the fate of Jeff Tedford's future the day after the regular season ends for the Bears.

Sandy Barbour might be cutting the cord with Jeff Tedford this Sunday
Sandy Barbour might be cutting the cord with Jeff Tedford this Sunday
Cal Bears Online

Jeff Tedford says he'll be ready to begin a thorough evaluation of the program as soon as this season ends. But the big question is whether he'll survive his meeting with Sandy Barbour.

The Cal athletic director has confirmed a meeting will be taking place on Saturday with Jeff Faraudo of the Contra Costa Times. Her intentions remain masked.

Talk about what your process will be in determining what Jeff Tedford’s future is:

"This hasn’t gone the way any of us want. The key is going to be what are the solutions to getting it back on track. In college football, there’s not a lot of time to sit around and say, `We’ll get to that tomorrow.’
Do you already have an idea what you will do or do you enter these discussions still with an open mind?

"Football to this university is really important. It’s a huge emotional driver, a huge financial driver and in seeking solutions to how to get us back on track, we’ll be really thoughtful. At the same time, again because of recruiting, because of everything, we have to decide what that solution set is very quickly and let’s move in that direction."
There are people who believe you will be reluctant to dismiss Tedford because you extended his contract and might feel like making a change there would reflect badly on you. Your reaction to that:

"My first and foremost driver in any decision that I will make is what’s right for Cal."

So, can you be clear about your timetable for meeting with Jeff?

"Actually, we’ll probably get together on Sunday and we’ll go from there, however long it takes us. We need to resolve quickly what are the solutions to getting Cal football moving in the right direction."

Honestly, I have no idea from these quotes as to whether the athletic director will decide to give Tedford one more year to right the ship, or cut the cord for good. The fact that Barbour has yet to go on the record and indicate that she has Tedford's back probably isn't a good sign, but she also might just be waiting for Tedford to get a chance to justify his position in their upcoming meeting.

There is also the possibility that Barbour is still trying to piece together the money needed that would not only cover what's left of Tedford's contract, but also compensate a new coaching staff. Let's not forget that she will also need the support of the Chancellor to go forward with whatever she has in mind. Finally, her OWN job security could be on the line if Tedford returns and produces less-than-stellar-results.

Everything is speculation at this point. The only person who knows what is going to happen is the Athletic Director, and as of now, all we can do is postulate.