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Fantasy Week in Review: Playoffs Edition!

It's that time of year again: playoffs!

Ronald Martinez

Yellow Fever may or may not be dead. We are unsure. So I'll bring you this week's fantasy recap.


What was once a two-horse race will go down to the wire with several contenders in the running. Roflcoptering's mediocre performance allowed Bastard Roommates to move into first place. Meanwhile Souse Family Reunion and Da (Other) Bears remain within striking distance.

Here's some fun observations from last week:

  • There must be something in the tequila. Joe Kapp's Zipper (19) and Joe Kapp's Lonely Tequila (17) had the two best performances of the week (Clean Cut Media also scored 17).
  • Punters Are People Too (9) and Yellow Fever (10) were the worst performers this week.
  • Only three people picked Syracuse to cover against Louisville
  • Only three incorrectly picked Arkansas to cover against Sakerlina. Come on, it's Arkansas, people.
  • Five picked Wazzu to cover against UCLA in the midst of closetgate part II.
  • 18 of you picked Oregon to cover the spread. You all should be ashamed know what? I ain't even mad anymore.

CGB College Fantasy Football

The regular season is over and it's time to talk playoffs!

The top four teams will battle it out over the next two weeks. Still No Stanfurdium takes on Yellow Fever and LifeShouldBeOnCinemax will battle atomsareenough in the first round. SNS defeated YF 202-113 in Week Six and atoms topped LSBoC 139.5 to 114.5 in Week One. Who will triumph this week?


In last week's game of the week, atoms secured a playoff bid by the narrowest of margins. Tough luck, CBKWit!


Zombie Yellow Fever also secured a playoff bid despite starting an injured Denard Robinson. Fortunately for YF, half The Golden Knights' team was inactive.


Still No Stanfurdium's reign of terror could not be stopped, once again. Even if The Juggernaut would have filled the roster with active players, it still would have been a blowout. There's not much you can do against a team that averaged 24 points per position.


With a playoff bid already locked up, LifeShouldBeOnCinemax cruised to victory over Team Discover Channel.


-2 points from A. Hill? That's a shame.

With no playoff implications, Loser's Lurgy and Trollifornia had themselves a nice, little pillow fight.


For mysterious reasons Trollifornia didn't pick up Allan Bridgford, not that it would have made a difference in the outcome. 69 points from Kadeem Carey?! That would have tipped the scales in Redonk's favor.