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Cal-Oregon Report Card: A for Effort

That actually wasn't that bad! Yay for meeting our exceedingly low expectations! As a result the report card is the best we've seen in nearly a month.


For the first time in a month, the Bears met expectations! Let's be honest: did anyone expect this to be a one-possession game halfway through the third quarter? The pleasant surprise resulted in some not terrible scores on the report cards. For the past few weeks we found new and exciting ways to be even worse than the previous week. That led to some morbidly humorous report cards. This week the Bears actually earned some passing scores in some categories!

Category Average Score Standard Deviation
Pass offense .318 .171
Rush offense .639 .214
Pass defense .200 .206
Rush defense .684 .239
Special teams .425 .235
Coaching .350 .237
Overall .368 .207
Win probability vs. OSU 19.3% (-42.7%) .154

Look at that! We gave passing marks in two categories! We ran well and stopped their running.

Special teams also earned some not awful scores thanks to our ability to keep the ball out of DeAnthony Thomas' quick little hands.

Pass defense received the worst grades of the day for obvious reasons.

The coaches earned their best grades in nearly a month.

Is it bad that I'm so optimistic about all this? All that optimism will go out the window when we visit the Beavers on Saturday, however. Remember when we gave us a 63% chance of beating them during the summer? Neither do I.

Let's ride this ray of sunshine into the awards.

Editor's Choice Awards:

Everyone followed directions this week! All the predictions were between 0 and 1. You all earn a smiling bear.


Now let's hand out our usual awards.

Tedford's Sunshine Pumpers:

These scores are pretty good! A fixture among the Old Blues, c98 earns a spot among the Sunshine Pumpers this week.

Tedford's Sunshine Pumpers Total Score Percentage
1. rileyslaststand 4.69 67.00%
2. BTown85 4.60 65.71%
3. c98 4.40 62.86%
4. Oaklandishbear 4.17 59.57%
5. unclesam22 4.10 58.57%

Old Blues:

prd, rollonyoubears111, resbear, and koalaballa all return to the Old Blues. Y'all are becoming regulars for this award.

Old Blues Total Score Precentage
1. prd74 0.30 4.29%
2. rollonyoubears111 1.30 18.57%
3. resbear 1.80 25.71%
4. jiggets 1.90 27.14%
4. koalaballa 1.90 27.14%

The Voice of Reason:

These are some pretty big deviations to qualify for The Voice of Reason award. In fact, .138 is the largest we have ever seen qualify for this award.

The Voice of Reason Deviation
1. npyoung35 0.096
2. sacman701 0.109
3. 1988goldenbear 0.114
4. Berliner Bear 0.123
5. ABVidale


One more week, comrades. One more week.


Unclesam22: And now, onto the comments. We did not have nearly as many this week, which I mostly attribute to the blowout score of the game and the mental toll that continued loses have taken on our fanbase. Nonetheless, good stuff from those that did contribute so thanks for your thoughts. And as always, please use a handle if you want us to include your comments!

Gameday Experiences

rileyslaststand: drinking to every duck pushup caused a rough second half
Jacobs.: Chilly and not losing badly. Colder and losing. Cold and losing badly. Icy and demolished. The group who played trombones at the end of the match was really, really good.
fuzzywuzzy: Sailor Jerry is my new bff.
Maker's Mark is a close second. I really hate duck whistles. And, in the rare event Cal football ever becomes a dominant power in CFB, I will never-ever- dress like a tele-tubby for a game. Is living in Oregon really that bad? WTF?
koalaballa: A lot more Cal fans showed up to the game than I had thought would show. But there were waaaay too many ducks. I think the most away fans that we've had in the stadium all year, except maybe UCLA/tie?
Cal Unicorn: Lot of empty seats by the 3rd... such a shame.
Oaklandishbear: Sad that it was the last game of the season. Thought about not going at all, but wanted to show some love to the Seniors. (And I'll admit to be interested in seeing the formidable Ducks live.) Gave a ride to some friends who are Ducks fans, but they were cool about it. Froze my ass off but overall had a good game.
And I'd like to give a big "F You" to the few boos I heard from Old Blues around me in HH when ZM was announced at the start of the game. We may be unhappy with his performance, but let no one question his effort or desire. I'm guessing it was significant that KA21 walked out with Zach?
npyoung35: I was supposed to be in Yosemite this weekend, so wasn't even expecting to watch the game. But then they got a foot of white stuff overnight, so back to the East Bay I went. For the most part, felt oddly at peace with the inevitable onslaught and was mostly just happy to have a competitive game to watch for 2 1/2 quarters. Important note: last time I went to Yosemite during football season was in 2009...the week of the Oregon game. Suffice it to say I took this beat down a little easier.

puresilence: Fun, until the points started piling up.

Pass Offense

charles ro: AB is not Jesus. Still almost relieved to be completely frustrated by someone other than ZM. Harper making strides every week. Rogers still under-targeted.
Only upside is that with more game experience AB ought to improve...I hope.
And watching T. Rigsbee get punked by a stand up DE, that eventually hurried AB into that Screen INT, right after he killed the drive with that tripping penalty was, well...sadly unsurprising.
1988goldenbear: Bridgeford was hot and cold - tossed a few really nice passes but overall had more errant ones. Not much different than watching Maynard. Or Riley. Or Ayoob.
Gotta give props to the O-line though, they gave him plenty of time to throw.
sacman701: Bridgford showed why he's the backup. He needs to learn not to chuck the ball up blindly when under pressure. I think there's some hope for him, though.
c98: Good for Bridg! Got his chance and good yeah give 'em credit whatever. Can't wait to see what our new coach can do with Zach Kline and these young receivers/backs/TEs.
koalaballa: A. Bridgford 9/21 113 5.4 1 2
Very maynardesque.
The oregon D figured out that all they had to do was pressure Bridgford and he'd just loft the ball up with no velocity. That's an easy way to get a pick, which they did twice. Bridgford doesn't appear to be the answer, although he did have two or three great throws to Harper/Powe/Harris.
We also had that one diamond formation where there were three wide receivers out right with the RB just behind them. I think they should try that more often. It looked promising in an 2004-2006 Tedford kind of way.
texashaterforlife: I thought Bridgeford was marginally better than his Nevada debut, wondering how much he could improve with a week of starting practice for OSU

Run Offense

fuzzywuzzy: We only fumbled once, really; the Lasco thing was actually a relief. Nice effort by the backs and O-line. Just needed about thirty more Isi-rumblers.
sacman701: Very good, but it helped that Oregon's DL was all backups.
jiggets: Saw some good things tonight and Sofele had a nice game. But if Bigelow would have had Sofele's opportunities Cal would have score at least two more touchdowns.
c98: O-line seems to have found a grove. Hoping this is where they turned permanently. Hoping Isi and CJ get their NFL shot. Both added to their highlight reels last night. Very excited about what our new coach and the young talent here too.
We get to keep Gould, right? No really... we get to keep Gould, right?
texashaterforlife: Get rid of the option read...but the O-line played aggressive and there was a downhill mentality. not to many penalties, I liked it, but the Cal did less of it in the second half, presumably cuz we pass to try to catch up. Which just made it worse.

Pass Defense

1988goldenbear: The kids in the secondary hung right in there for a half. Then all hell broke loose. Our safeties were repeatedly torched. Some good tackling after catches in the first half, then some big misses in the second. Not much of a rush.
prd74: Did they have to make it look so easy for Oregon? It was like watching the Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals.
BTown85: The secondary did a better job than the stat line reflects. When you give a gifted QB that much time, he's going to make those completions. Every completion to Lyerla, however, irked the sh$t out of me......
I think we needed to send a backer more often to get some pressure, but I realize there's danger in that, too......
iwasthere4theplay: Touch challenge especially with little pressure on the QB
BerlinerBear: Oregon was able to all but abandon the read option and go air raid with Mariota back there. He showed everyone why he, and not Barner, should be in Heisman consideration right now. He is a legit NFL prospect. With Thomas or Masoli back there the game would have been close.

Run Defense

charles ro: Did we murder Barner's Heisman hopes? Great play especially from the corners. Loved the gang tackling by the Cal D. Williams, Anthony, Forbes, Sebastian had good games today against the run.
Berliner Bear: We made them work for their yards and kept Barner bottled up. Clancy's plan to stop the run and make them pass worked perfectly. Too bad they have a pro prospect at QB.
npyoung35: Hell of a time for the big uglies to show up. I could watch Chris McCain play football forever.
goldenBoiler: FORBES/McCain. I think our defense just needs to recruit republican presidential wannabes. When we have a Dole and Romney in the front 7, we should be set.
Oaklandishbear: Brilliant! If you had told me that we would hold Kenyon and Black Mamba to less than 100 yds combined and less than 4 yds/carry, I wouldn't have believed it. What a great effort.

Special Teams

jiggets: Meh. D'Amato still hasn't made a meaningful FG.
koalaballa: Our punts are not very good compared to last year.
Berliner Bear: The rugby-style pooch punts kept DAT in check. Only once did they have a decent return. I'm still waiting for Bigelow to take one to the house.
D'amato was alright. On his miss, he never should have been out there in the first place. You can't trade TDs for FGs against Oregon.
Oaklandishbear: Not bad. The rugby punts actually worked. Returns good on KO, but not punts. KO coverage wasn't great, either.
iwasthere4theplay: Why does everyone rub their special charms when ST hits the field?


puresilence: Ugh.
Jacobs.: Good start to the game. Simple plays, heavy focus on running. You can see Bridgford gaining confidence. So ignore that, open the playbook. Have four people gesturing like crazy. Watch offense wilt away.
rollonyoubears111: Poop as usual. I hope our next coaching staff knows more about timing, clock management, using the momentum of the game, using the playmakers in key moments, identifying player mismatches. The coaching staff, again, flubbed momentum by calling time outs when we could've rolled in for TD's. They didn't go for Richard Rodgers' size on the outside when he was being guarded by much smaller db's. They pooped themselves the last 46 seconds of the half- instead of 3-4 plays, there was 1 run up the middle, a shit load of dicking around for about 24 seconds, and a pointless play outside when the Ducks were playing prevent. Great fucking job again! Ok, thanks for letting me vent.
texashaterforlife: thinks there was no way to beat Oregon, only divert the massacre which Cal did for more than a half.
goldenBoiler: Good game plan. I am not sure how much you can do with Maynard and Allen out. If we were able to consistently sustain drives and have any form of a passing game, we probably score 31 pts. This would have also probably limited oregon's offense to two or three less possessions, so I wouldn't be shocked if they were in the low 40s/high 30s. I don't think we win, but I think they did everything to put us in a position to compete. Right now, we do not have the offense to execute anything.

Overall Performance

rileyslaststand: at least it was a game for 2.5 quarters.
fuzzywuzzy: We scored about three points above our seasonal average, so I guess we could call that a barn burner.
prd74: In the old days we would have said some quaint idiom like "they were taken behind the woodshed" or that they received a real "shellacking". Tonight it is much more efficient just to say that "They sucked". Says it all.
sacman701: The score could not have been worse, but the game itself could have been. If we had tanked like we did against Furd or USC in 2010, it would have been 45-3 at halftime, Ore would have completely lost interest, and it would have ended up 59-17. The final score does not indicate how long a game was competitive.
rollonyoubears111: I knew that we were not going to pull an upset when we decided to kick a 42 yarder before the half. We were playing to just get points and not to win. But, it was close in the first half. The D looked inspired. Bridgeford didn't look horrible- he needs more experience.
BTown85: The fact that Oregon's starting QB played all the way into the 4th quarter is a moral victory for me. We played better than expected on both sides of the ball. Losing the turnover battle to this team is more deadly than to most other teams and it KILLED us.....just killed us.
At the end of the day, I'm proud of my Bears after this one. Very proud.
Cal Unicorn: Until next year at Memorial!
not harper: "Sandy Visits Barber, Cuts Tedford"
Though it seems that Tedford will probably be stepping down himself to keep things amicable, so feel free to use that headline whenever she decides to cut something else.
First half kept things respectable, so grades not as harsh.
Hopefully a win against Oregon State will resurrect whatever mojo Tedford's been losing since that loss against them five years ago.