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CGB Blogpoll (Final) Ballot, Week 11

unclesam22: Alabama and Louisville both fall from the unbeatens. How far are you dropping Bama? Where does everyone else stack up?

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atomsareenough: Alabama, with the loss, drops from #3 to #6, and effectively out of title contention for me, unless two of the unbeatens happens to lose. I'm really hoping that the SEC finally gets shut out of the national title game. It's good for college football to mix things up a bit. The SEC is still the best conference overall, and I think they have 4 legit top ten teams in Alabama (#6), Georgia (#7), Texas A&M (#8), and LSU (#10), but I do think it's down this year just a bit, and it just so happens that the best SEC team is not quite as good as the top 2 teams in the country this year, Oregon and KSU.

ragnarok: The top 6 SEC schools have lost to nobody outside of that group. To make things more complicated, there is no strict ordering in either division. In the west, Alabama beat LSU who beat Texas A&M who beat Alabama. In the east, Florida beat South Carolina who beat Georgia who beat Florida. Furthermore, besides South Carolina beating Georgia by four touchdowns and then losing to Florida by 33, every other game between these teams has had a one-score margin of victory. I came up with an ordering that "felt" right, but I can't really justify it with numbers so much.

norcalnick: Sorting between Bama, LSU, Florida, Georgia and A&M is next to impossible. LSU and A&M have an extra loss but have had tougher schedules. Florida's resume might be the best . . . except they just barely beat the Ragin' Cajuns. I have no clue. It's insane how many 1 possession games these teams have played against each other. Any and all differences are razor thin and too subtle to be noticed by us flawed humans.

Berkelium97: Louisville (25) hangs on by a thread. I grow more and more skeptical of the Big East each week. It's tough to tell if a conference is any good when its best OOC win is over Virginia Tech.

atomsareenough: Formerly unbeaten Louisville drops all the way to 17 after getting shellacked by my Syracuse Orange in the Carrier Dome (Go Orange!).

ragnarok: I ranked Louisville at No. 22, but it was more for lack of any other teams to put above them than anything positive the Cardinals have accomplished.

Who you got in the top spot this week? Oregon or K-State?

Berkelium97: Kansas State (1) holds onto the top spot. I'm not sure who is the better team, but I am more impressed with K-State's ability to cruise to easy victories over solid teams. Oregon (2) might get the nod if they blow out Stanford next week.

atomsareenough: Same top 2 for me this week, but they flip. Oregon is #1 after eventually steamrolling our beloved Golden Bears. Their offense is like a locomotive; even if it takes a little while to get up to full speed, at some point you're not going to be able to stay in front of it anymore. Kansas State had a solid win over a good TCU team, but Oregon's style points put them up top. Plus the Ducks showed their toughness against a physical Cal team, and played through some injuries to QB Marcus Mariota and RB Kenjon Barner during the game.

norcalnick: Oregon over K St., although the margin is razor thin. How the both win will be critical in choosing between the Ducks and the Wildcats if they both win out.

Berkelium97: Since when is Texas (14) 8-2? Manny Diaz must have gotten his act together.

atomsareenough: t's interesting, I haven't ranked Texas, and you guys have them around #15. A solid win over a decent-ish Iowa State team is a good data point, as was their win over Texas Tech, but allowing 50 points to Baylor and winning by only 4 against an AWFUL Kansas team are enough to make me quite suspicious. None of their 8 wins are against anyone that's currently ranked. I guess I'm waiting to see how they do against TCU; if they go to 9-2 I'll have a hard time keeping them off my ballot.

Berkelium97: I can understand your reluctance to include Texas (although Texas Tech and Oklahoma State are both ranked in the BCS/Coaches Poll, and they were both road wins). After defeating decent Texas Tech and Iowa State teams, they look to be back on track after a lousy October.