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What did you see as the positives from the Oregon game?

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The was score was indicative of a rout, but Cal kept it close for 2.5 quarters. That was good right? What other positives did you see from the Oregon game?

Thearon W. Henderson

Vincent S: I'm going to go by feelings for this week. Based on my gut feelings, I learned a little bit more about how I felt about this team. For example, I realized during the game that every time the ball left Bridgford's hand, I wasn't wondering whether it'd be horribly underthrown or five feet above a receiver's head. I knew Bridgford would at least get the ball into a position where a receiver had a chance. Placement was still sometimes an issue, but it was a much nicer feeling trusting the quarterback's arm.

I also noticed our run blocking improving. Our offensive line, which is basically composed of 5 guards, definitely has improved on this front. I did note that the WRs were not up to the usual spectacular standard of run-blocking Keenan Allen (and Bryce Treggs this year) have set. There was at least one Bigelow run where I believe those two would have blocked well enough for Bigelow to run in for a TD.

Berkelium97: That run defense. Our run defense had been shredded all season but they put in a spectacular performance against the Ducks. We held them to season-low rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, and yards per carry. I was impressed with the way the front seven clogged the lanes and quickly brought down their RBs. That run defense was one of the highlights of the season.

I was also impressed with our ground game. The O-line manhandled their depleted front seven and paved the way for 236 rushing yards, the most the Ducks have surrendered all season. Sofele in particular had a stellar performance.

Finally, I am glad we can put to bed any Maynard-Bridgford conspiracy theories. Maynard is pretty clearly a better QB--not leagues better, but better nonetheless.

Vincent S: I think it's very interesting that Berkelium97 and I got different impressions from watching Bridgford. I don't know football quite as well as Berkelium97, so I would be more inclined to trust his opinion, which seems to be more fact based, than mine, which is definitely based on instinct.

Berkelium97: I haven't read through any of the post-game threads, but I am really interested in how people will respond to Bridgford's performance. It should make for an interesting Rorschach Test for the fanbase.

Unclesam22: I'll split the difference on both of you and say that I thought he showed some throws that were really good and accurate and some throws that were really bad. Clearly he is much more accurate throwing in the middle of the field than to the sideline so maybe that's where the divide comes in.

JahvidKnowsBest: Defense played really well I thought for the most part. We bottled up their run very well, which I think is the main key to beating the Ducks. Unfortunately, we got beat deep a few times, but that's gonna happen when you stack the box. I liked how Bridgford played as well, he showed real guts in his first start. Sofele rain extremely hard as well.

TwistNHook: The first thing that jumped out at me was that Cal out-rushed Oregon:

Rushing Attempts 48 40
Average Per Rush 3.8 5.9
Rushing Touchdowns 1 1
Yards Gained Rushing 203 253
Yards Lost Rushing 23 17

We had fewer attempts and more yards. Here are the individual totals:

RUSHING No. Gain Loss Net TD Lg Avg.
Sofele, Isi 15 134 0 134 1 35 8.9
Anderson, C.J. 11 56 0 56 0 10 5.1
Lasco, Daniel 3 34 0 34 0 18 11.3
Bigelow, Brenda 6 20 0 20 0 9 3.3

Sofele had a great game. Anderson looked great, too. Bigs didn't have the greatest rushing game out there, but all this experience will be great for him going forward. Wish we had run Isi and Anderson more.

Another positive is the defense. I know, I know, Oregon put up almost 600 yards and 59 points. But what I saw out there from the defense was awesome. They were fired up! They were motivated. Oregon finally got their points and their yards, but the D didn't give up anything easy to them. Barner himself averaged about 3 yards per carry.

Unclesam22: One of the huge positives for me was that the Bears still had a ton of fight in them. Literally, in some cases. They played hard until the end, fought for every yard, and even when the outcome was no longer in doubt, they still seemed to be giving their all. In a lost game in a lost season, I think that bodes well for the character of our players and the future of the program.

One of the other things that stood out to me was the play of McCain and Forbes together. They seemed to be all over the field and if we get Whiteside back and integrate Fortt, I'm pretty excited about our linebacking corps next year.

I also echo Twist about Isi and CJ looking monsterous out there. They both played so hard and had punishing runs and it was great to see them both have good games for their last outings in Memorial.