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How do we feel about the UCLA game?

After a few weeks of less than stellar performances, we check-in to see how everyone feels about the upcoming UCLA game.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

FrankCohen: I still think that this is a very winnable game as long as the team wipes out from their mind these past painful defeats. I think UCLA is pretty overrated and is very mediocre overall. In my opinion, this one's a toss-up, and I could see the Bears taking it, given the energy that should be in Memorial for a Homecoming Game against a traditional rival. I wouldn't be extremely surprised by any result here, to be honest.

OhioBear: We are going to lose, unless Ucla helps us out by making more mistakes than we do.

JahvidKnowsBest: My confidence is lower than it already was. Our team has talent all over the field, yet we don't have the coaching to put it all together. The penalties say it all and truly reveal how undisciplined we are. A change needs to be made going forward- either with Bridgford getting reps or Bigelow getting more carries. UCLA is a well-coached, good football team who will make short work of us if we play like we did Saturday.

NorCalNick: Cal last lost to UCLA at home in 1998, in what was a very respectable 12 point defeat to the #2 team in the country and eventual Pac-10 champs. Since then, six straight home wins, and the last four wins haven't really been particularly close.

TwistNHook: Normally, we have no trouble with UCLA at home. When was the last time we lost to UCLA at home? With all of their turmoil prior to the start of this year, I had put this down as a tentative win. Now, of course, the shoe is on the other foot. Outside of a loss to a seemingly resurgent Oregon State, they've looked great all season. 08/30/12 at Rice Houston, TX W, 49-24 09/08/12 vs. Nebraska Rose Bowl W, 36-30 09/15/12 vs. Houston Rose Bowl W, 37-6 09/22/12 vs. Oregon State Rose Bowl L, 27-20 09/29/12 at Colorado Boulder, CO W, 42-14 Now, you might say that some of their wins have been against not quite so dominating opponents. However: a)Cal has struggled against some not quite so dominating opponents this year, so nothing is taken for granted. b)UCLA has won those games in strong fashion, including crushing Colorado AT Colorado last week. So, now I am not feeling quite so good against UCLA this week. I still have faith we'll win, just because I am a naively optimistic pollyanna (redundant, I know!). But that hope will probably fade as soon as UCLA jumps out to a 14-3 lead.

Unclesam22: I was out of the country for the SC and ASU games, so I didn't get to watch them but I've read plenty about how terrible those games were. I'm afraid that the slide continues this week simply because I'm not sure Tedford is a master motivator that will be able to turn things around. He's been great for the program and I'm so grateful for what he's done, but my biggest concern coming into this season was that things would start to snowball given the tough early Pac-12 games and the lack of a bye. I just can't see a team that's looked so undisciplined and unfocused all season long suddenly figuring it out. So all that to say I think it ends up being much like the ASU game. It won't be a blowout but I just don't see the Bears being in a position to win it at the end.

Kodiak: I have no reason to believe that the Cal-UCLA game will go well. But, I'll be watching anyway.

LeonPowe: Blargh. I will still watch if I am near a computer - but I actually think I'll be traveling. Hopefully my lack of presence will inspire the Bears to a win.

VincentS: To be fair, I didn't feel that great about ASU. At least it's a night game, which means a beautiful sunset.