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Eating the Enemy: UCLA and Friday Open Thread

We're going Bruin hunting for tonight's dish. Use this post to discuss the Pitt-Syracuse and BYU-Utah St. games.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

What's cookin', my Bruin?

That is, I would have used that recipe if it weren't ten pages long. Let's go with this instead, from



this is a bear bow fully loaded and ready to hun with new tru glow sights arrows drop away rest peep sights selling for $100 will take other hunting stuff and guns for trade. this is a great bow for big guys. call or text anytime thanks and gods bless

Um, let's just say that isn't quite what we were looking for. But hey, given that 99% of the recipes I found were for Oud Bruin beer (which I'm pretty sure I've linked to) or from UCLA itself, let's go with it.

Use this for tonight's Pittsburgh/Syracuse and Utah State/BYU games, Go...Orange and Cougars I suppose.