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Fantasy Week in Review: Week 5

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CGB's Fantasy Week in Review, where everyone is a winner...except the losers.

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Yellow Fever is out again this week, so I am pinch-hitting for him. Rumor has it he's polishing his resume so he can apply for a certain head coaching position in a couple months. His fantasy team is undefeated, so he should automatically merit some consideration.

Pick Em League


Roflcoptering to Victory and bearbackers pics continue to battle for that top spot. They are now five points ahead of everyone. We better step up our games or that lead is quickly going to become insurmountable. Now let's get to the highlights of last week's action:

  • the beer, Allen for Heisman, StanfurdBites, and Roflcoptering to Victory were the top performers of the week with 16/27 correct picks.
  • StanfurdBites, Roflcoptering to Victory, and Jahvid Beast all picked ASU to cover the spread. I ain't even mad. In fact, I'm picking UCLA to cover the spread this week. I haven't correctly picked a single Cal game so far, so I might as well hope the streak continues this week.
  • Only two out of 45 people picked South Florida to cover the spread against Florida State.
  • aussie picks had the longest winning streak with 8 consecutive correct picks
  • btbear had the longest losing streak with 7 consecutive incorrect picks
  • Nik Piks was this week's worst performer with only 8/27 correct picks. That's even worse than Maynard's completion percentage!

College Fantasy Football


Not a single two-win team--that's odd. Yellow Fever is 4-0, but he also has the lowest strength of schedule. Redonkulous Bear's Trollifornia remains winless thanks to a wildly unproductive Cal roster.


The game of the week featured LifeShouldBeOnCinemax barely taking down The Golden Knights. Unfortunately LSBoC missed out on 60(!) points from Stedman Bailey's unbelievable day.


Neither team started in a QB in the matchup between Loser's Lurgy and Yellow Fever. No matter, YF still trounced the Lurgy. No matter how many times I mock royrules22 for starting Matt Barkley, he refuses to start Matt Scott.


Team Discover Channel! rode Geno Smith's record-shattering day to victory over The Juggernaut. 8 touchdowns! 656 passing yards! I am still in awe. I also can't believe how terrible Baylor's defense is.


Yours truly topped CBKWit's Legitimate Rapists thanks to five players who broke the 100-yard rushing mark. I'm not sure why my QB and WRs combined for 500 rushing yards, but I won't complain.


atoms delivered the pain to Trollifornia, who continues the proud tradition of putting together a Cal team instead of a fantasy team. The score would have been even uglier if atoms started Kain Colter. How is it that Northwestern can simultaneously play TWO QBs who each put up around 300 all-purpose yards. We barely have a single quarterback!

Fantasy Baseball


Today is the final day of the baseball league and the championship match is going down to the wire. Meanwhile the San Jose A's of Oakland appear to have locked up the 3rd place spot.