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Uh, Utah game positives anyone?

We struggle to get some positives out of an ugly game. What positives did you see from the Utah game?

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Vincent S: I think for many people, this game brings a sense of closure. It's been a wild 11 years, I'm sorry it has to end this way, but it was (mostly) fun for a while, right? On the football front, Bigelow looks like a Jahvid Best, upgraded with agile feet and balance (though perhaps 1/16 of a step slower). Considering that Harper was the "lowest" ranked (I might be wrong on this) of our heralded WR class this year, he certainly is performing above his rating grade. Avery is just everywhere. I don't fault him on that personal foul; he was going in to make a tackle and the running back happened to be going down already.

TwistNHook: I actually missed the game for a Halloween party (perhaps a smart choice in retrospect). So, I am going off of the stats here, instead of thine own eyes. Here are some things that jump out at me as cool, even if maybe they mostly happened after the game was basically over:

Harper, Chris      7   86    0   33

Our WRs basically consist of Keenan Allen and a bunch of frosh. It is good to see the frosh to continue to develop. Between Harper and Treggs (with R-Rod at TE), I'm feeling pretty good about our receiving corps going forward. We've had depth problems at receiver since 2007 (when Hawk, DeSean, and Jordan all left). Perhaps we are going to see a return to a deep receiving corp going forward.

Punting          No.  Yds   Avg Long In20   TB
Leininger, Cole    3  140  46.7   59    0    0
Firstly, I'm surprised that we only punted three times. Guess we turned the ball over a lot. However, the 46.7 average is strong. It is above Cal's average so far of 41.2 on the year. If Leininger could hit near that number consistently, Cal would be in the top 10 for punting.

Berkelium97: Only three more games with this coaching staff.

JahvidKnowsBest: Nothing really feels positive about this game. Some individual performances were great though. Sebastian looks like he's going to end up playing on Sunday's. Bigelow was his usual self when he had the ball in his hands. Rodgers had a few nice plays. On a side note, this game was also relieving in a sense. I no longer wonder whether this team is an actual good team, with just very inconsistent play. This is a BAD, poorly coached team. UCLA was an outlier in an all together dismal season.

Kodiak: Hahaha.

Ohio Bear: Positives? No serious injuries, right? And the loved ones of the players and coaches still love them.

LeonPowe: I didn't see it because I was shooting a 96 on Orient Golf Course. Best round of the year!

Unclesam22: Once garbage time hit our offense looked capable of moving the ball and scoring. That's about it. Oh, and Vincenzo D'Amato hit some good fg's, so that was nice for him. Of course the only reason he hit them was because our offense had stalled, but still, long fg's are nice.