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Cal W. Soccer @ USC Open Thread

Sure, there was no upset over No.2 UCLA at Westwood on Friday, but the Bears (14-4, 7-2) need to bounce back and take care of business against U$C (5-9-3, 2-5-2) today. GO BEARS!

This is probably THE moment in W. Soccer this year.
This is probably THE moment in W. Soccer this year.
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

When: 1:00 PM PT

Online: Pac-12 Digital

Update: twitter (@CalWomensSoccer)

While the NCAA women's soccer world is focused on the No.1 vs. No.2 match later today between Furd and UCLA, the Bears have another road game against U$C who pushed No. 1 Furd to overtime on Friday. The Bears are out of Pac-12 conference contention after the 3-0 loss to No.2 UCLA on Friday, breaking both a 8 game winning streak and the previously perfect road record. Nevertheless, Cal is still in pretty good position for a NCAA berth and need to not drop this tough road test squeezed in between the two higher profile games against UCLA and next week vs. Furd.

Basically, it's time to start another win streak.