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Golden Nuggets: Jeff Tedford- "We Have Not Lost This Team"

Tedford says he and the team are eager to get back to work following the loss, says he and the coaching staff "have not lost this team"

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE has some post-game quotes. The most interesting quotes (on losing the team, on playing Bigelow more) were not in the article. I'll see if I can dig up a press conference video on Sunday.

What happened to the offense after the first few plays -

"Turnovers. I mean, you have a fumble recovery for a touchdown, two kickoff returns [for touchdowns], a tipped ball for an interception. Turnovers will kill you every time. So we just gave them opportunities. Give them credit, they knocked the ball loose and scooped it and scored. We moved the ball well at times, but it was too little too late."

What did you tell the team after the game -
"I told them that we're going to go back to work, and I let them talk to one another because it lies with us all. They were very passionate about going back to work next week and getting healthy and remembering this feeling, and using it as motivation to go back to work."

Was this one of the worst losses you've had in recent memory, considering the need to get a win and Utah's record -
"Yeah. This doesn't happen to us very often, so I don't remember something like this. But again, that's what can happen if there's 14 points on kickoff returns and a scooped fumble for a touchdown. It can get away. But I thought they executed well on offense, they held the ball for a long time. They made key third downs and we couldn't get off the field. You have to give them credit as well."

The impact being backed up in the first half had on play calling -
"Big. The first half we were backed up inside the five yard line two or three times. It's hard to get out of there. You don't want to take too many chances backed up deep. But their punter did a nice job of knocking it down in there and they covered it well. It was good execution by their punt team."

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  • Start your Halloweeen festivities early with the men's team as they host an itnra-squad scrimmage at Haas. The event runs from 4 until 5:30, after which players will be available to sign autographs and take pictures. The fan with the best costume wins prizes.

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