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How do you feel about the Utah game?

In light of what we saw in the Big Game, how do you think things are looking heading into the game against Utah? Feel better, worse, or indifferent?

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Vincent S: I think that we have a shot, but if our offensive line plays the way it did today, Utah only would have to rush Star Lotuleilei to apply a ton of pressure every single down. If we can contain him (a big if), I think we have a great shot. The first three offensive series should speak volumes about how we will do in that game.

LeonPowe: Oddly enough - the same. Utah doesn't have the same kind of offensive line prowess, and Star Lotuleilei isn't nearly as strong as Stanfurd's front 7. Lotuleilei needs to rest a lot. I think if we can put it together - and it will be easier to put it together against Utah than it has been against ASU, OSU, Furd, USC - we can win this game. If we will or not - that's a much bigger question. Again, let's play to our strengths - quick short passes for Maynard, get him out of the pocket. Runs to the edge.

TwistNHook: Fortunately, Utah does not seem to be that good of a team. They lost to OSU on Saturday. Let's look at some numbers :

Utah is 91st in passing yards, 115th in rushing yards, and 97th in points scored. This is not a good team. They do have a big win over their arch rival BYU, but are currently 2-5 overall. So, we actually have one more win than they do! They are on a 4 game losing streak. They are most likely despondent right now and needing a win more than ever. But so do we.

I do not have a great feeling, just because, even though Utah appears to be scuffling right now, Cal's road record in general is not that good. A big chunk of the good will I had towards the team dissipated with the Big Game loss. I feel like this team is very talented and could easily defeat Utah on Saturday. But, for whatever reason, be it coaching or otherwise, they are not consistent with their talent. One week they beat down a pretty good UCLA team. The next week, they barely show up against a vulnerable Stanford team.

If there is any team we could get after that loss, it is good it is this Utah team. They are probably the easiest game remaining (home v. UW, home v. Oregon, and then @ OSU are the last three games). I really hope the team can have a confidence building win heading into a big Friday night matchup.

Berkelium97: Utah is Stanford-lite. They have a decent defense and an abysmal offense. Fortunately, their talent in the front seven is not widespread enough to embarrass us like we were last week. We have a shot.

Kodiak: Sort of numb, really. Utah has a tough D and it's relatively easy to make us one-dimensional. I believe ManBearCal thinks that Utah's DT is really...enjoying himself looking at film of our Oline. It's a winnable game if we can cut down on the mistakes. 'Been saying that a lot this year.

Unclesam22: I'd like to say that our team comes out angry and focused and just hammers Utah, but I can't figure out this team for anything. I think Cal has shown they have the talent to beat a team like Utah, but they've also shown the ability to lose to a team like Utah. So who knows? I guess I feel like I did before the UCLA game, which is that it will be nice to watch the Blue and Gold play a game and anything beyond that will be a bonus.

JahvidKnowsBest: Feeling almost indifferent at this point. I'll come around by Wednesday and be excited for this game though. I think we will be able to run on Utah, which also leads me to believe that we will win the game.

NorCalNick: Utah strikes me as a midpoint between UCLA and Washington State. They're less talented than UCLA and more talented than Wazzu. They're just as likely to shoot themselves in the foot. If the game was in Berkeley I think Cal would be a clear favorite, but since the game is in Salt Lake City Cal will likely only be a slight favorite. Cal should win. If Cal does win, it still doesn't really change anything about this season. Only upset wins over Oregon or Oregon State would appreciably change the trajectory of this season.

Ohio Bear: Meh. Maybe we'll win. Maybe we'll lose. It could go either way. I just hope the team is mustering more enthusiasm than I am as of the time I am writing this response.