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Cal Football's Graduate Success Rate is Last in the Pac-12

Latest Federal Graduate Rate and Graduate Success Rate scores have Cal football ranked last in the Pac-12.

Jed Jacobsohn

Based on a recent post by Jon Wilner, the Cal football program scored last in the Pac-12 for both Federal Graduation Rate and Graduate Success Rate scores at 47% and 48%, respectively. This report was scored based on average graduation rates for the freshmen who enrolled between 2002 and 2005. (Check for yourself here at the NCAA Database.)

This appears to be less than ideal.

A statement issued by the University of California points out that the score is misleading because three members of the 2005 freshman class received degrees after the 6 year scoring window, and five members elected to turn pro.

"At the same time, the report shows that the GSR for Cal football fell to 48 percent, down from 54 percent the previous year due, in large part, to the fact that only seven of 19 incoming freshmen in 2005 graduated within six years. Three additional members of that class have since received their degrees, but are not included in the success rate since their academic work was completed beyond the six-year time limit. Five student-athletes from that same class elected to enter the NFL draft before completing their degree requirements."

If the GSR does not actually account for players turning pro, then adjusting the graduation rate from 7/19 to 10/14 would give a more acceptable score of 71% for that year. However, it is uncertain whether accounting for these circumstances would actually change the scores. A report on the GSR seems to suggest that schools are _not_ penalized when students in good academic standing transfer or turn pro.

The NCAA developed its GSR in response to criticism that the FGR understates the academic success of

athletes because the FGR method does not take into account two important factors in college athletics:

· When student-athletes transfer from an institution before graduating and is in good academic

standing (perhaps to transfer to another institution for more playing time, different major, or to

go pro);

Coach Tedford's response?

"This score is clearly unacceptable," head coach Jeff Tedford said. I have made it absolutely clear to our coaches, players and staff that we must reverse this trend. In recent months, we have taken concerted action to improve the support provided through our Academic Game Plan and will continue to make sure this is a top priority in our program."

Unacceptable indeed, if true.

Here are the scores based on the NCAA GSR Database:(HT Boomtho)