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CGB Blogpoll (Final) Ballot, Week 8

Our Top 4 shuffle as we reevaluate 'Bama's resume, and find it somewhat lacking.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Berkelium97: I mixed things up in the top-5 this week. Florida (1) has the best resume so far followed by Kansas State (2), so they displaced Alabama (3) and Oregon (4)

norcalnick: Deciding between Florida, Alabama, Oregon and Kansas State amongst the top 4 was difficult. Florida and Kansas State both have clearly superior resumes to Oregon and Alabama. But I firmly believe that Alabama and Oregon are the two best teams in the country. I went with resume ranking and believe that Oregon and Alabama will rise as they play tougher games in the 2nd half of the season. But seriously, Florida's 3rd best win is better than Alabama or Oregon's best win.

atomsareenough: Like Berkelium and Nick, I also mixed things up a bit in my top 4. Oregon's complete demolition of Arizona State impressed me, even though they essentially took the second half off once they were up so big. I'm also admittedly sick of seeing Alabama at #1, and the other 3 teams have legitimate cases as well, so I moved the Crimson Tide down to #4 this week, because why not. I think Florida and K-State are pretty much a tossup in terms of résumé, but since K-State did their work on the road, I gave the Wildcats the nod for the #2 spot this week. #3 Florida a very impressive steady steamroll of South Carolina (last week: #13, this week: #24) in the Swamp.

ragnarok: I had the same four teams as everyone else, but I guess I wasn't as moved as the rest of you; I left the Crimson Tide and the Ducks in the top two spots. I nearly did drop them both, but decided to leave them for at least another week, if only because of the way they've been pummeling opponents. Not that Florida and K-State have been any less impressive, when you stop and think about it.

atomsareenough: #5 Clemson did its job, dispatching Virginia Tech 38-17, so they stay where they are, and the same goes for #6 Florida State, which beat Miami (FL) 33-20 on the road.

norcalnick: Florida State and Clemson are both holding steady at #12 and #13, but I"m skeptical of both. Florida State's best win is over the same Miami team that has been blown out by Kansas State and Notre Dame (a team that doesn't blow anybody out!). Unfortunately, the ACC doesn't really offer any chance to prove yourself this year. If FSU gets embarrassed by Florida at the end of the year both teams will plummet, because ultimately Clemson's fate is tied to the quality of their one impressive win.

atomsareenough: I dinged Notre Dame for its close 17-14 win against solid (but nonetheless unranked) BYU, knocking the Irish from #7 down to #12.

Berkelium97: I’m still not convinced Ohio State (10) is very good. With their struggles in putting away bad teams (Cal, Indiana, Purdue), they’re ripe for an upset.

atomsareenough: Ohio State scraped by Purdue in overtime and I wanted to move them, but at least they won. They stay in place at #15.

norcalnick: Thank you Cincinnati for finally losing so I don't have to rank you any more. I would appreciate it if Rutgers (#19), Louisville (#18) and Mississippi State (#20) would do the same. I don't recall weaker undefeated resumes since Hawaii a few years ago. Any excuse I could find I used to rank teams ahead of our undefeated major conference trio.

atomsareenough: Cincy let me down against Toledo, but I knew the Rockets were good before the season began (remember I thought they would beat Arizona, but Arizona turned out to be better than I thought), so that means the Bearcats are down to #23 (from #9 - I know, I know), and 7-1 Toledo jumps in at #18.

norcalnick: After years of doing this, I think every poll needs to seriously consider moving to a top 20 rather than a top 25. I NEVER get to 20 and think 'Gee, I'm glad I have more slots to rank teams that really deserve it.'

ragnarok: Preach on, brother. I got to 22 this week, I think (and that included Toldeo) before I just plum ran out of teams. I ended up having to go back and hold my nose a bit just to get to the requisite 25.