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Golden Nuggets: Cal Suffers Embarrassing Big Game Loss, Drives Another (Final?) Nail Into Tedford's Coffin

After the game a frustrated Tedford talks about what went wrong on offense.

Ezra Shaw

A frustrated Tedford spoke postgame about everything that went wrong on offense. Fortunately there's a time limit for these things or he'd still be there trying to get through all the mishaps.

On Cal's Offense:

"Offensively, that was a poor performance. We couldn't block them. There was too much pressure on the passer and we couldn't convert third downs. Give them credit, they played hard and were better than we were today."

On the Cal running game:
"This goes on everybody. We need to do a better job as coaches putting them in places to be successful. They won the line of scrimmage today.

On Cal's week of preparation:
"The preparation was good; the focus was good. We knew going in they had a great defense. They have been playing great defense all year. We knew we had to stay patient on the run game because they play real physical. We need to stay in manageable situations. The week was fine in terms of preparation."

On coming off two consecutive wins:
"Those were the last two weeks; this team is a different team. They are very stout to run the ball against. We need to get better to play against a group like that. They did a good job and we didn't."

On Stanford's offense:
"They play-action quite a bit; they threw some quick passes. One play-action got us. We did a good job stopping most of their runs [?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!]. With as much as we were stacking the box to stop the run, they threw it on us some. Turning the ball over twice is killer. Typically they are going to be low-scoring games because their defense is really good. Unfortunately, the turnovers put them in position with a short field."

On Cal's offensive struggle:
"It is always frustrating when you don't score. We had an opportunity down deep and couldn't score. Of course it is frustrating when you don't score. It was a very frustrating day offensively without a doubt. We have to go back to the drawing board. We have to execute better."

We did a good job stopping most of their runs? Didn't Stepfan Taylor run for 189 yards?



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