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Cal v. ASU: Were There Any Positives?

Let's look at all the positives from the Cal v. ASU game. There had to be some, right???

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VincentS: I didn't get sunburned at a (sunny) football game for the first time in three years. Fewer dimerized thymines means I'm at a slightly lower risk for skin cancer than if I had gotten completely burnt.

I really have to give one more shout-out to Mic-man Aaron, who inspired the students after a dismal third quarter. His fiery speeches and passion brought life back to an embittered section to the bitter end. Keep it up, Aaron.

LeonPowe: Avery Sebastian. Cali_Showtime4 was awesome. All over the field. #calgang. Vince D'Amato has bounced back to nail some kicks.

Kodiak: LP nailed it. I like seeing players bounce back, and D'Amato has made his last four in a row after missing the previous four. He could have had a complete meltdown, or the coaches could have benched him and I would not have been surprised. I'm still not sure how I'd feel if he were trotted out for a walk-off with seconds to play. But since we're looking at positives, it appears that we are unlikely to be in that situation this year.

I also really enjoyed watching Avery Sebastian fly around out there. If he had only been fully healthy earlier, I think we might have won the Nevada and tOSU games. Coach Pendergast's schemes rely on having great safety play. As he gets more experienced, it'll really help to solidify the defense.

I also thought that Tiny Moala did a good job holding up to the point of attack. When ASU tried to run right at him, it was typically unsuccessful. Todd Barr had another sack and continues to show the best innate pass rush of any of our Dline. Great to see Richard Rogers healthy enough to play and flash some soft hands. Plus Moose Jalil back in action

TwistNHook: After a loss like that, there are not a lot of positives. I thought that Bryce Treggs played well out there.

He only had 2 catches for 22 yards, but the reality is that those numbers were limited for reasons outside of his control. I think that he is showing great promise this year and I look forward to his full career at Cal.

JahvidKnowsBest: I was really happy to see Avery Sebastian in there doing well. He's been a guy who has been promoting Cal the minute he got here. It was great to see him being so proactive last year during the Tosh Lupoi drama. Also, the running game was great. Both backs averaged 7 per carry or more (CJ and Isi), can't really ask for anything more than that.

NorCalNick: I spent the day at the San Joaquin County Fair attending a horse race named after my late grandfather. My $5 bet on Tahoe Flash to win netted me a $12.50 profit on the day, and I didn't have to pay a toll on the drive down or buy any concessions to enjoy it all!

Oh wait, was this supposed to be about the game? I dunno, all I saw was ASU go up 7-0, then came back to find Cal punting down two scores with 5 minutes left. I'm not regretting my decision to spend time with the family.

OhioBear: Cal did not have anyone suffer a serious injury. Oh wait -- Brennan Scarlett broke his hand? Never mind then. I guess I'm left with Avery Sebastian's play in the secondary and Keenan Allen tiptoe TD catch as the lone positives that I can think of. Oh yeah -- and Memorial Stadium looks kickass awesome,

FrankCohen: Brennan Scarlett looked very good before his injury. Isi had a nice little game. Avery Sebastian played very well in his first start. For those anti-Tedford folks out there, one positive might be the fact that Teddy's hot seat is getting very, very warm now that the Golden Bears look destined for another bowl-less season