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How do you feel going into the Big Game?

Let's take the temperature of the Cal fan base to see how we feel about the Big Game.

Ezra Shaw

JahvidKnowsBest: If we can keep the running game going, I think were in good shape. It really depends on how our line holds up against Stanford's front seven, that's the make or break factor. Our offense won't be able to do anything if they're getting consistent penetration. I also think our defense is well suited for Stanford's straightforward, power running offense, especially if our front 7 continue to play as well as they have the last 2 games.

NorCalNick: I feel like it's a coin flip, which seems to be reflected by Vegas wisdom. I think Cal's defense will have the advantage over Stanford's offense, and I think Stanford's defense will have the advantage over Cal's offense.

There are so many places where this game could swing. A big special teams play from Brendan Bigelow or Keenan Allen. A critical field goal make or miss from two shaky place kickers. Zach Maynard and Josh Nunes are both interception prone QBs likely to be facing pressure. And which team will give up a big play or two to the other team's talented running back(s)? So many different things could happen and the difference between winning and losing could easily be one or two plays. I'm feeling just a little sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

Kodiak: It's the Big Game. With all the extra emotion, it's really hard to predict which Cal team is going to show up. I certainly feel a lot better about our chances than I did a couple of weeks ago after the ASU loss. It'll be interesting to see how we adjust our scheme. We've gotten pretty comfortable using our 2-4-5 nickel look. But, that's a bad matchup against 'Furds power running game. We're going to have to hope our DL are healthy and ready to go. I'm also concerned with the coverage match-ups at TE. We may need to do what Notre Dame did and double their TEs in the red zone with a LB and safety help. If we can avoid letting them run over us, I like our chances. We can stack the box, allow our veteran corners to lock down their receivers, and put pressure on their inexperienced QB.

TwistNHook: Certainly better than I did at the start of the season. It has become obvious to me that this is a talented team. For reasons that I do not fully understand this team has, at times, not been as consistent as it could be. This inconsistency has led to losses against teams like Nevada and ASU (which we coulda/shoulda beaten) and tOSU and tUSC (which we probably weren't really gonna beat anyway). We've seen more consistency (especially in the running game) in the last two weeks and I hope that that continues going forward. The running game has been explosive and if we can get similar performances out of our three horses against Stanford, I have a good feeling.
If we get down quickly against Stanford and have to abandon the run, then it could potentially get ugly fast. The Stanford offense has had its Jekyll and Hyde moments, too. It seemed to struggle against UW and ND, but then exploded against Arizona.

Ohio Bear : Meh. It doesn't feel like Big Game week when it's in October.

Berkelium97: I feel like the Bears are on the upswing and the Lobsterbacks are stagnating. As we all expected, Josh Nunes is not the second coming of Andrew Luck. Even better, he has been looking downright incompetent. Their front seven still scares me, but I am encouraged by the performance of the O-line over the past couple weeks. This one is looking like it's going to be a long, grind-it-out, defensive struggle. I am encouraged that it's at Memorial Stadium.

Unclesam22: I'm more positive than I was a few weeks ago, but I always feel like records and predictions go out the window in the Big Game. I do think that it'll be a close game that Cal should have an opportunity to win. And if recent form holds true, Cal ought to come out with the win. The motivation should be there for the players, the crowd should be absolutely pumped, and the Axe should be coming home.