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Big Game Week: Cal Band Invades San Francisco

Here's the Cal band in San Francisco, including Union Square, the cable cars, and Pier 39 dueling with the Stanfurd band.

Catch up on Big Game festivities!

The Cable Car rally is the first event of the week, and the Cal Band, Dance Team and spirit groups were present in full force!

Here they are on the cable cars.

Here is the walk up to the event.

The Stanfurd band is no longer appearing at the Union Square rally because they appear to be joining everyone else on the Farm in making this a one-sided rivalry. Apparently head coach David Shaw ordered them not to show at these events, because they are the worst.

This is such a classic Furd move. Either they're too embarrassed to keep on putting that band out on public display, or they're being typical Furd and closing themselves off to everyone. They did appear at the Battle of the Bands on Pier 39, but that appears to be as far as they'll go this year.

They didn't appear at the Guardsmen Event during the middle of the week either. The Cal band was of course clear and present.

They also made an appearance at the Chronicle!

Cal band great!