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Big Game Stats - 1892 To The Present!

Let's go to the big board to see how things have progressed in the Big Game over time. Wins and losses, point differential, we've got it all!

[AndBears and I put this together. Credit should go to AndBears who did most of the work. GO BEARS!]

It's Big Game Week! As we celebrate a tradition that is now 120 years old, it's time to look back over our long history and see where we stand. LET'S GO TO THE BOARD.

Chart Chart ChartChartChart!

First the overall Win Loss Record.



SAD TROMBONE....Let's be honest here, we had some crap years. For this chart a number 0 is a completely even win-loss record. Every Cal win is +1, every Stanfurd win is -1. It just seemed to spiral during the Holmoe years, mainly because we really needed consistent wins to bring us back up (remember this is OVER ALL TIME). We were kinda losing it before then but it really hit rock bottom during the Holmoe years.

Next is the point differential. Here all the Cal points are positives and all the Stanfurd points are negative, so this should show us when we were really dominating the Furd, not just winning. Not just winning, but curb stomping.



And now together! I expanded the win-loss values from 1 & -1 to 10 and -10 so that we could see a pretty chart. and here it is! RED is the Win-Loss and BLUE is the point differential. You can really see how correlated outscoring is to winning. Can you believe that?!



What we can see from this is that while the wins haven't been there, the overall point differential actually doesn't look that bad. Lots of blow out wins in the 20s help, but the Tedford era has us not only winning but winning big. (Check out the space between point differential and win-loss in the chart since 2002)

And now the sads.... For comparison (*and probably some dickishness) let's look at the UCLA - USC rivalry. In this scope UCLA is the positives and USC is the negative. This graph I'm calling "WHY GOD WHY".



Yep, If you're reading the graph, you can tell that UCLA is down 473 points historically. OUCH. (Alternative title to above graph: "Facebook Stock Performance Over Time")