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CGB Blogpoll (FInal) Ballot, Week 7

By this time of the year, we have a number of teams with impressive wins, and a whole bunch more teams with at least a couple losses. But what do we do with the unbeated, untested few? Mississippi State, Ohio, and 3 Big East teams (Louisville, Cincinnati and Rutgers) are all still undefeated, but none possess an impressive resume at this point. What to do?

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norcalnick: Cincinnati's best win: at home over Virginia Tech. Louisville's best win: at home over North Carolina. Mississippi St's best win: at home over Tennessee. Rutger's best win: on the road over USF. Arguably, none of these teams deserve to be ranked. But they're undefeated halfway through the season and it's either team or a bunch of teams with two losses and as many impressive wins. I don't like it, but the problem will correct itself eventually. Honestly, Ohio still has a better best win (at Penn St.) than any of those teams.

Berkelium97: Ohio drops off my poll. This is the third week in a row they've barely beaten a bottom-feeder.

Cincinnati is another team I left off due to a lack of quality wins. Delaware State? Fordham? Miami (Ohio)? They're going to need to get to 7 or 8 wins before I consider adding them.

atomsareenough: Cincy does its job against Fordham and lands and #9. Rutgers wins against Syracuse. That rounds out my top ten.

I left Mississippi State off my poll. The Bulldogs beat Tennessee this week 41-31, but they're 3-3 without any wins in conference yet, so maybe the Vols just aren't very good. Mississippi State, whom I've been skeptical of all year, should have no trouble with Middle Tennessee State next week, but then they have a 3-week stretch against Alabama, Texas A&M, and LSU, which should be indicative. If they have a close loss to Alabama, or maybe even a major blowout against MTSU, maybe I'll rank them then.

ragnarok: I just don't understand how you can have Cincinnati and Rutgers in your Top 10, but leave off Ohio and Mississippi State altogether. Is Rutgers 11-point win at Arkansas that much more impressive than Ohio's 10-point victory at Penn State? Cincy at least has a victory over 4-3 Virginia Tech, but absolutely nothing else to recommend them.