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Cal Volleyball vs. UCLA Open Thread

Another week of Pac-12 play, another week where the Bears (9-8, 3-4) look to even the weekend and conference record. Biggest exception, this week's second opponents is the Top 10 ranked UCLA squad (12-4, 4-3), the defending National Champions. GO BEARS!

Bob Stanton-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

When: 2 PM PT

TV/Online: Pac-12 Networks (online for subscribers only)


Score update: Cal Volleyball twitter (@CalVolleyball)

Not (yet) a fan of volleyball? Read my volleyball primer/Cal Volleyball preview.

The Bears, coming off the 3 set loss to USC will face the UCLA Bruins, coming off a 5 set loss to Stanfurd. Despite losing in 3 sets, the Bears were fairly competitive in all 3 sets, with even a late 3 point lead in set 2. Can the Bears, still injury stricken, pull off a much needed upset at home this weekend?