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Cal Football Practice Report 10/11/12: Marc Anthony A Game-Time Decision

Jeff Tedford says Marc Anthony will be a game-time decision. Todd Barr and Aaron Tipoti will be available to play.

Cal starting cornerback Marc Anthony will be a game-time decision for this Saturday's game against Washington State. Expect Kameron Jackson to get the start if Anthony is unable to go.

Aaron Tipoti and Todd Barr will be "available to play", although it's unclear whether that means they're fully healthy or not or whether they'll be ready to go.

Not much anything news-worthy from Tedford other than Pullman weather conditions. Here is some stuff from Coach M on the improvement of Matt Summers-Gavin, the tempo of the offense, and whether the team should run more or not in Pullman.

Here is Pendergast talking about the Airraid, a lot of Kam Jackson talk, some discussion on Gabe King and Avery Sebastian, and so much scheme stuff.

General Clancy is always talking Xs and Os, but he's all poker face about it. Watch that press conference, I don't think his expression changes once. Remind me never to date his daughter.