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Jeff Tedford hot seat: Is the end in sight?

Read the entire thing by clicking here. Below is a sample.

Watching the 11th year of the Jeff Tedford era is like watching one of your favorite TV shows going off the rails. The formulas that worked so well in the past are stale, so things gets changed up over and over to keep things fresh. That way you end up with a situation where that dude and that girl are hooking up and talking about things like purses even though it was way better to watch the idle flirty banter. Then to further infuriate you, they have babies, usually twins of some sort. Then you've got the male lead stuck in an outlandish situation, usually involving standing on a ledge or a hostage situation of sorts. And hospital scenes, so many damned hospital scenes.

Eventually everyone deserts the show, just like it seems like everyone is deserting Tedford now. Cancellation comes soon thereafter.