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Cal v. ASU Photo Essay II: Second Half

Just in case you thought the first set of Cal-ASU photos wasn't enough, we have more!

Here are the first half photos. As I noted there, it was National Championship week. During the game breaks, they'd bring out our champions to get a wave and a nod. During halftime, they all came out onto the field to be feted! Go Bears!


On the left here is Coach Teri Mckeever. She is the coach of the women's swimming team and the American patriot who helped the US women's swimming team absolutely kill it at the Olympics this year. She is a superstar and I hope she never leaves Cal ever!


Remember, if you want to see the photos bigger, just click on them.

Why am I including this photo of a metal stump? Well, because this use to be the MASSIVE structure that held up the field goal nets on the north side of the field. The poles were SO big that fans complained about their views being blocked. So, Cal took them down and here is the proof.

Interestingly enough, they did not take down the same versions on the south end of the field. Why? Because who cares if the visiting fan's views are blocked? Not me! That's not who!


A video of some players saying what their favorite NFL team is. I continue to struggle to hear what the people are saying on the video board. I don't know if it is because I have bad hearing or the players are mumbling or the audio is bad. They should bring the subtitles back.


Some game action here:



Points on the board!



And we lost! D'oh. Next Cal game loss of the season is against UCLA in a week.


The ASU fans were going crazy. First win in Berkeley since the mid 90s. The team came over to celebrate with the fans!


Then, oddly, the TVs in the concourse were showing the ASU locker room. I have NO idea why. Perhaps the TV channel showing the game was showing the locker room and the TVs in the concourse were just streaming that? A very odd choice otherwise. Either way, ASU fans were crowded around, watching the action. We quickly pushed through.


And there you go. If you made it this far, you deserve a medal! GO BEARS! BEAT THE BRUINS!