GOLD OUT! - Cal v. Arizona, Feb. 2

If you read the post about a new student section for Men's Basketball Games and The Bench, then this should come as no surprise to you. As I mentioned in that post, we need to heighten the experience of the game for students so that we can Pack the Haas. This here is one of our first ideas and a good way to get The Bench back into it.

On February 2nd, Cal hosts Arizona and it will be a GOLD OUT. It's definitely one of the top highlights of our home schedule. At this game, the students will ALL be donning GOLD SHIRTS. That's right, The Bench isn't going to be a mixed sea of colors, nor will it be a sea of blue. It will be GOLD as in GOLDen Bears. The Bench Comittee has convinced marketing to purchase 500 Gold Shirts, with a special Cal graphics on them, for all the students of The Bench. So it's guaranteed that the entire Bench will be "Golded Out." But a GOLD OUT isn't really a GOLD OUT if only the students are wearing Gold...

Read on if you want to be a part of this Gold Out and make this a REAL GOLD OUT...

A (insert color here)-OUT only works if the ENTIRE stadium is in on this. Unfortunately, we're a public school and our departments to have the money to purchase 10,000 gold shirts for all of Haas Pavilion. We've only been able to cover the students. We feel that if we tell them they get a free shirt, they will ALL show up. But JUST the students won't work.

We need the WHOLE CROWD in on it too. It's gotta look like this, except GOLD...

So, here's a thread to help us come up with some ideas on HOW to raise the money and HOW to get the word out to ALL the Cal Fans out there. I've already got word out to Alumni for them to put it into their newsletter and Cal Athletics will also be advertising it in their newsletters.

So Cal Fans, how are we going to make this a legit Gold Out?

Go Bears!

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