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CGB #CalGang T-Shirts - Get Em While They're Hot!

Fresh off the success of our CGB Holiday Bowl T-Shirts (the T-Shirts were the highlight of the game!), we thought we could help bask in the glow of the amazing recruiting work of Coach Tedford and Co. with more T-Shirts. Can you ever have enough T-Shirts??

Coach Tedford and his stable of amazing recruiters look to be putting together another great class. Elite player after elite player is putting on that blue and gold hat and flashing the Block C. We here at CGB are beyond excited for the new generation of Golden Bears. And we figure you are, too! So, show your passion with some CGB Recruiting shirts with all the various Twitter slogans making their way around that hotbed of recruiting. We have 7 different gold designs all on navy blue shirts. We have men's T-shirts, women's T-shirts, and a Muscle T.

Here are links to the different shirts:

1. Men's

2. Women's

3. Muscle

And here are the 7 different designs, available in the 3 styles:



The other 6 designs after the jump. As a reminder, the price that you pay at Spreadshirt is solely the price that Spreadshirt charges. We do not add any additional money on top of their base price. CGB makes $0.00 off of all sales. Of course, any money that we do make running this site is donated to the California Marching Band (Donate Now). But we don't want to add any additional cost (even just a buck or two) to the shirts so as to ensure they are as inexpensive as possible for you guys.

Check out the other designs after the jump. Buy your own and be a part of the #CalGang! GO BEARS!













Buy em and rock em while you wake up early to wait for a fax machine to receive a piece of paper. GO BEARS!