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Cal 77, Oregon 60: Crabbe, Jorge. Jorge, Crabbe

After an ugly first half full of unforced turnovers and iffy defensive rebounding, the Bears put the hammer down in a dominant second half performance. Allen Crabbe hit nearly every shot he took from all over the court, Jorge did everything else, and the Bears defense shut down the Ducks.

I wanted to see one thing in this game: good, consistent defense for 40 minutes. The Bears emphatically delivered, holding Oregon to 38% shooting. E.J. Singler and Devoe Joseph hit the occasional 3, but by-and-large nobody in grey ever got going on the offensive end.

Two guys got going on offense for the Bears: 18 points and 7 assists for Jorge, 26 points for Allen Crabbe (23 in the 2nd half!). And our reward? We don't have to see the Bears play on that hideous court for another year. Garrett Sim will have to wait a few months to try to record his first win ever against the Bears.

This is your post-game thread. Check back for a longer recap tomorrow morning. Go Bears!